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What size are the pictures you send from iPhone MMS to say your email address? Here in the US the pictures are better quality than the "share" feature of iPhone for compressed email pictures. 1024x768 MMS vs 800x600 Email Share
Code:[ img]http://domain.com/image[ /img]
It's already working on 3.1, so I guess AT&T just let us know when Apple is going to release 3.1.
You Can Copy/Paste Videos to email now. Check out this YouTube video I created for my blog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArqU37cNzQQ One thing to keep in mind, you can only send a max size of 15MB. This is just a restriction of the mail app as it also applies to copy pasting images.
I think patents should expire if a company doesn't build real technology with them. Just spending a lot of money on lawyers to file patents for vague ideas hoping one day someone seems like they are making an actual product based on that idea and so you can sue...just retarded that you can do this.
If google release an official GV app and it has push, then you won't need anything incoming SMS either. I think the biggest threat to SMS is PUSH.
Yeah, I know a lot of people complained about this one.
After taking about a 3 hours nap, I've spent the last several hours working on my blog post of the iPhone 3G S launch at the Miami Beach Apple Store. This being Miami Beach, it wasn't your average launch...with police shoot outs, road blocks, drunk people stumbling by the line (and dancing), and of course Mr. Clucky. Enjoy! iPhone 3G S launch: Apple Store Miami Beach | When Will Apple? Couple pics:
Ok, this doesn't look bad, but I don't see anything that makes it "better" than the touch. Plus, we haven't even seen the 3rd gen touch yet so...
If they do the logo light it will have to come from the LCD somehow so it doesn't use any extra battery.
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