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I don't care because those guys will definitely kill you for mocking them...they'll make sure to kill you when you were a kid and when your mom was in rehab.
That's an insult to the Mayans and it also demonstrates your naivety and ignorance.
OMG THANK YOU MDRIFTMEYER!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
BRAVO MDRIFTMEYER! BRAVO! Thank you SO MUCH for stating somewhere that OpenGL 3.x is soon to arrive. THANK YOU! You are the best!!!! I'm sending you flowers through the mail. Please accept them as a token of my gratitude. PS THANK YOU!
What a bunch of horseshit. Most apps will write a plist in ~/Library/Preferences and that's about it. Trash the app and the plist file and you've removed 100% of most drag'n'drop installed apps. I have a new year resolution for you: shut up.
Because China is using atrocious means to get what they want. I never said I agreed with the way China is trying to become a superpower.
I'm not here to debate whether what China is doing is good or bad...or right or wrong...I'm here to explain that it's a question of survival as the economy collapses because of the US and the UK. I know that China's communistic ways are bad and wrong. The US and the UK are headed in that same direction...except they'll be bankrupt and China will become the new superpower. Does that make me happy? Absolutely not. Perhaps one day there will be Chinese soldiers patrolling...
Instead of crying you a river I'll instead giggle uncontrollably at your ignorance.
You're all wrong...every single one of you. China is doing this to localize its economy so that the global collapsing economy won't affect it. Thanks to the US and the UK, the entire world will remain in a deep depression for years to come while China will be immune. You may think what they're doing is communistic or selfish but it's just survival. On the other hand, none of you Americans have the right to call China communistic when your very country is heading down that...
New Posts  All Forums: