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A lot of these religious comments sound a lot like Islamic fundamentalist beliefs
Glad to see lots of businesses have decided to cancel investment in Indiana. It's obviously a state that wants to move backwards, so cancelling investment can help them with that.
The action is being brought by 3 private individuals not the government. If a court rules that compensation must be paid, then the individuals who join the action on Monday (I expect thousands will, including me) will get that compensation, not the Government. The Information Commissioner could have imposed a fine but they investigated this in 2012 and didn't fine Google. So no money for the Government. As for damages, the judge indicated that there could be damages...
I agree with others that Apple is unlikely to compete for the same market as X Box and PlayStation. An App Store for the Apple TV seems entirely likely though, probably divided into a channel store where you can choose to subscribe to content, the iTunes movies store of course, and then a game-like store. The iPhone has all kinds of sensors and power, so I imagine a combination between a suped up Wii remote, Kinect, Smartglass etc. Apple would of course work behind closed...
Presumably Google stores are places you can go to buy data about people or purchase advertising space?
LoopPay actually looks like a company that Apple should be acquiring before Samsung get their hands on it. Have you seen what it does?
Is there a way Apple could make the thing reserve a portion of battery life so the watch can at least show you the time when it's running low on battery?
Apple is the most valuable company in the world and so is a legitimate target no matter what competitors are doing.
If it's actually cheaper to use a different payment method, as CurrentC seems to promise, then a lot of people will use it. But the card companies won't just give up and go home, they'll provide more attractive and (importantly) much simpler cashback, rewards, offers etc; the kind of things that Passbook was designed to organise... and guess which app you use for Apple Pay...
Since Orange is part of EE, I don't see why an Orange spokesperson would say that. EE (everything everywhere) was a merger between Orange and T-Mobile. It's the largest network in the UK in terms of coverage and subscribers. I'm sure O2 will announce support shortly, I reckon Apple didn't discuss it with all the networks beforehand, they just went to the biggest; all the networks are used to giving out SIMs and they'll be wondering whether Apple's model is good, bad or not...
New Posts  All Forums: