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The launch partners do not have the £30 limit. Launch partners include Boots, Waitrose, M&S, Nandos, Spar, Co-Op and Wilko.
Slow clap for HSBC. My local Tesco doesn't support any contactless whatsoever, if only I could afford to shop at Waitrose every week, maybe one day!
Google are constructing pipes to suck personal data from every home in America.
Great news, well done America and welcome to the club! Gay marriage around the world:Netherlands - 2001Belgium - 2003Spain - 2005Canada - 2005South Africa - 2006Norway - 2009Sweden - 2009Portugal - 2010Iceland - 2010Argentina - 2010Uruguay - 2013New Zealand - 2013France - 2013Brazil - 2013UK - 2013Luxembourg - 2014Ireland - 2015USA - 2015
This story comes from Buzzfeed so of course it is exaggerated. It does say that Apple is working with the game makers to get their apps back in store. I imagine they are simply checking that the games aren't using the flag in a way that might be offensive as opposed to simply being historically accurate. There is no blanket right to free speech in the USA despite the famous first amendment. It's obviously restricted in many circumstances including incitement.
I use IFTTT with my Hue bulbs. I really hope Homekit will include the sunset and sunrise triggers depending on location, it's a great way to control when lights turn on and off and means I don't have to change the times when it's summer or winter. I also like the weather triggers; when it's cold my lights have a more red/orange tone and when it's hot they change to bluer tones. One of my lamps lets me know whether there's rain in forecast by changing colour. Location...
Can someone tell me what "horning in" means? Sounds kinky.
You seem to be celebrating the strong dollar. Clearly you aren't in the export business.
The cost of manufacturing an iPhone is not affected by paying corporation tax in the UK. Did you buy the degree online?
I've never heard of Wharton but I'm a chartered accountant. How about the staff who work for the corporations; you don't think higher taxes affect their wages for example, regardless of whether they "consume" Apple's products? Do you regard Apple itself as a consumer, in that increased taxes can put downward pressure on their suppliers? Presumably if you were on Apple's board and were told corporation tax was being increased by 1%, you would simply say "we need to increase...
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