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What a terrible shame for you. It's tiring being a white male who is never discrimated against
I just had a thought that perhaps iBeacons will become a hardware product that Apple sell to consumers. I read that currently the battery life is a year on a watch battery, so it's safe to assume that Apple could extend that significantly. I was lucky enough to be able to treat myself to the Phillips Hue light bulbs which has been a glimpse into the future where I can set lights to come on when I get home; I'd love to have iBeacons in every room. Your phone being able to...
Why isn't Apple streaming the event? If they don't want me to watch, fine I won't. Not happy.
This is tacky in the extreme
Couldn't agree more!
It looks great, until you see "Power cord required (not shown)" in all the marketing. It needs to be connected to a USB power cord. I think the marketing pictures are totally misleading and I'm sure the UK's Advertising Standards Agency will agree
Since you asked so nicely, I quickly read through it again and copied the obvious sarcasm:Incredibly, it turned out pretty much nobody wanted to be the guinea pig tasked with beta testing Honeycomb tablets...The icing on top would be that this new Surface would adopt the Metro user interface...Surely the third time around would be the Charm, especially if it were forced upon the entire Windows 8 PC audience as well...Windows users were so graciously welcoming of the even...
It could just be me but I think this editorial has more sarcasm than most and it somehow cheapens the points raised. I don't disagree with the article but in my opinion it comes across more as a fanboy rant rather than a sensible and intelligent analysis of the situation which it actually is.
I like the editorials, but I'd prefer less sarcasm.
A friend of mine got a Lumia because it was cheap. I had a play with it and it seemed alright. She doesn't really use any apps except Facebook, I think a lot of Android users are the same. I like that they are pushing the boundaries with the camera, it should make Apple up their game. At least Windows Phone is a different approach to a mobile OS, whereas Android is just a cheap knock off.
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