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I wonder whether Apple will incorporate the ability to take payments (as well as make payments) into iPads and iPhones. That could be a game changer. Some of the newer cafes and shops in cities I've visited in the US already use iPads (along with hardware like that from Square) to take payments. Surely it's technically quite easy to make all new iPads able to accept Apple Pay?
A lot of people are saying the cost of hardware for merchants is a barrier. It does make me wonder how chip and PIN became ubiquitous in the UK. Even the smallest family run shops and cafes have wireless handheld terminals to take card transactions, and many accept contactless (NFC) payments already here, so why should it be any different in the US? I'd assumed that the banks provide the hardware as part of their merchant services.
When I travel to the U.S. I'm always uncomfortable using my card. For Europeans it's strange to hand over your card at the end of a meal for example, and then be handed a receipt on which to write the tip, with the actual amount you're paying invisibly being entered after you've left. I don't like the lack of chip and pin, anyone could just swipe my card. Chip and PIN is used everywhere over here.
Does everyone at Appleinsider own Uber stock?
It's not supposed to be about proportional representation. The point is that if the majority of your staff are straight white able-bodied men, then they are likely to think like straight white able-bodied men and make products for straight white able-bodied men that solve problems that straight white able-bodied men encounter. By having a more diverse team, and by that I mean more variety of different people from different backgrounds and with different life experiences,...
I have no issue with Apple and others being required to have the ability to allow law enforcement to track my phone and have access to all my data. But that must only be allowed to happen with a warrant issued by a judge who has considered whether it's justified. Customers should know this is a possibility and the law should be clear on when and how it can be used.
More importantly, does the screen shot mean we'll have to start paying to subscribe to appleinsider :-O
Let's hope they start calling some UK businesses too. Yesterday I had to drop off some kit for a friend to a cricket club, Apple Maps didn't know where the cricket club was (it suggested a golf club nearby) but Google found it immediately. On my way back I needed to call in at a post office. Apple Maps took me to the wrong end of the correct street, so again I had to bring up Google Maps to find the right location. I always try Apple first because I don't want to use...
All EU countries charge VAT under European law. In the UK it's currently 20% and Apple (like nearly everyone else) displays the price inclusive of VAT, which for an Apple TV is now £79, or £65.83 plus VAT. In the US you have sales tax, which is similar to (but not the same as) VAT. Prices in the US typically exclude sales tax and the Apple TV is $99 plus sales tax. £65.83 at the current exchange rate is $111.85, so in the UK we're still being charged $12.85/ £7.56 more.
I can't help thinking it actually is about the headphones. I don't think the iWatch exists, it was just a red herring designed to make Samsung and others race to release a useless bit of hardware. If Healthbook is true, and we're going to see hardware that monitors heart rate etc, then headphones are perfect for adding sensors. People already wear them and especially when excercising. Smart headphones are Apple's secret product I think.
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