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The waste is not the only problem with nuclear. There is also the breakdown of storage areas resulting in stream pollution. And the mining and refining of nuclear components has its own environmental and health liabilities, known well to those who have bothered to investigate this. I defy anyone to show a solar panel or other alternative energy source accident on the scale of 3-mile island, the recent Japanese accident and so on. And while we are on this, with carbon...
Isn't the reason that Apple is creating a new campus is because of this issue? I thought I read things stating that Apple could not hire enough people because there just isn't enough room where they are currently located!
A nice change of pace! And for those questioning whether or not this is news, remember that in the headline it said, "Editorial:" so this means opinion!
I also had POP access issues that started with 2.0 with my Yahoo account. Except I had my messages but none would load so I couldn't use them on my iPhone. And frankly and embarrassingly I whined non-stop about it. (I suspect I'm not the only one to do that!) I spoke to people at the Apple Computer store nearby and like a chorus several said blatently "Delete your pop email accounts and reinstall them!" Anyhow I did and all problems have vanished and I can read the mail...
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