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Isn't the reason that Apple is creating a new campus is because of this issue? I thought I read things stating that Apple could not hire enough people because there just isn't enough room where they are currently located!
A nice change of pace! And for those questioning whether or not this is news, remember that in the headline it said, "Editorial:" so this means opinion!
I also had POP access issues that started with 2.0 with my Yahoo account. Except I had my messages but none would load so I couldn't use them on my iPhone. And frankly and embarrassingly I whined non-stop about it. (I suspect I'm not the only one to do that!) I spoke to people at the Apple Computer store nearby and like a chorus several said blatently "Delete your pop email accounts and reinstall them!" Anyhow I did and all problems have vanished and I can read the mail...
New Posts  All Forums: