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Differentiate on software. It isn't easy, and since they are so far behind it won't be quick. However, the alternative has already played out in the PC market  and given how profits are in the mobile phone market already, only a moron would continue on the course as it is. What I can't figure out is how so many companies are still in the mobile phone market. How long can any company continue to not make a profit, IE lose money, and stay in a market?
Yeah. I just chalked it up to generational differences. I would rather turn on a stream and let it go, but I grew up with radio. They will search for a song that they like then when it is over click on something suggested (if anything looks or sounds interesting) as the next song.
Uh huh. You do realize that all of those "XX% of Market Share" articles are almost never actually refering to the actual number of devices in use don't you? They are snapshots of the sales for a quarter. Interestingly, when studies are done on actual number of devices in use iOS has more than a 30% share of the market. My guess is that iPhones are so much better quality that they have a tendency to be handed down or sold on the used market. So, when a new iPhone is bought...
Don't kid yourself, Google's music service isn't Google Music or Google Play it is YouTube. And YoutTube is free and ad-supported. My daughters both listen to over 50% of their music on YouTube. It allows them to choose which song they want to listen to when they want to listen to it, and it doesn't cost them a thing.
China's reply, "Please, their security is so poor we use it to teach hacking 101 to elementary students."
 Uh huh, ask Apple and book publishers how the DOJ feels about partners willingly agreeing to contracts? Of course, given that case as a point of reference calling on the government to act will likely lead to a lawsuit against Apple because they aren't supporting CurrentC.
LOL!!!   The missed their true calling they shouldn't be in business they should either be actors or politicians if they can say that with a straight face.
 I hate to say it, but while Siri has expanded what she can do, her natural language interface has pretty much languished under Apple. It is FAR from being any sort of natural language interface. For instance, I tried finding the number to the local pet store, Claw Paws, the other day. Siri heard it as "call Paul" and stated that it couldn't find a Paul in my contacts. No big, people mishear all of the time, so I treated Siri like I would any other natural language...
Something strange was going on.   I went to update my iPhone. Connected to my computer and told it to download and update.   Estimated time to completion: 12 hours.   So, I let it run for an hour to see if it got better. It didn't so I canceled that and told it to simply download. I figured I would let it download overnight and update the phone the next day.   Estimated time to completion: 30 minutes.   It downloaded in that time and installed in a little...
If this bill actually requires this for smartphones, then I am wondering what all of the next batch of phones will be called. Because, I am guessing that within a year nobody in the world will be making smartphones.   Perhaps, ultra mobile cellular computers? Sorry, California, we got out of the smartphone business.   As long as a smartphone can be parted out then there will still be a theft problem. Someone mentioned car radio thefts. Thieves moved from stealing the...
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