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I am sure that is a large part of it for Apple. Although, I am sure that the NSA is not happy. However, I am sure that the Chinese equivalent to the NSA is very happy.
I am afraid that the change in leadership at Microsoft doesn't seem to give Microsoft any more forward vision.   Are these similar to the "I'm a Mac" commercials? Yeah, in a way. But in a much more important way they are nothing like the "I'm a Mac" commercials.   The "I'm a Mac" commercials were never about selling a particular Mac. They were about building the perception of all the Mac products, and honestly all of Apple's products. These Microsoft ads aren't about...
I always love how Apple is blamed for stupid school systems. Our school system started a one-to-one iPad program from 5th through 12th grades last year. We must have a genius school system, although I suspect average intelligence they just seem like geniuses when compared to the nimrods in this story, because they spent over a year visting schools that had implemented iPads, talking to Apple representatives, talking to textbook publishers, and sending representatives to a...
 The fact that the MacBook is banned and the iPhone isn't says a lot about the validity of their reasoning for the ban. Funny how concerns about iOS tracking led to a ban on a product that doesn't use iOS, but left the most widely selling iOS product untouched. This is another BS shakedown by the corrupt Chinese government. It is another example of why I think that non-Chinese companies who pin too much hope on China are fools. They would be much better off moving their...
 This is where your analogies fall flat on their face. Yes, we pay more if we use more gas or electricity, but that is because these are utilities with a usage cost. In other words for each liter of gas that I use in my home the gas company has to buy that liter. For each kilowatt of electricity that I use the electric company has to buy coal, oil, gas, etc. This is not the case with the internet. If I download a song it doesn't cost the ISP anything per bit. The ISPs have...
Don't worry people. Cotes is a true upstanding political judge. I even heard she is thinking of retiring soon. After all, I am pretty sure that she has been told that she has a job as an Amazon lobbiest making ten times what she is making now.
I can be. Because of Samsung's shady dealings with Apple and their offensive marketing in the cellphone arena I actively avoided buying their televisions for my last two television purchases. Samsung's mobile division's marketing strategy has an impact on the company as a whole beyond simply losing profits in the mobile market.
But according to tech analyst Samsung is winning the cellular phone wars after all business thrive on market share and unicorn dander. All of these old stodgy things like profits and net income are highly over-rated. At least they are as long as Apple is the clear leader in those areas.
Interesting. My problem with Apple Maps has never been with the interface or backend, but with the data set and search (closely related to the data set). So, while I don't doubt that this complete overhaul will eventually yield something good, I think that Apple really needs to spend more time on what they are feeding the system.
And anyone foolish enough to give Google access to their medical information will get what they deserve.
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