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Don't worry people. Cotes is a true upstanding political judge. I even heard she is thinking of retiring soon. After all, I am pretty sure that she has been told that she has a job as an Amazon lobbiest making ten times what she is making now.
I can be. Because of Samsung's shady dealings with Apple and their offensive marketing in the cellphone arena I actively avoided buying their televisions for my last two television purchases. Samsung's mobile division's marketing strategy has an impact on the company as a whole beyond simply losing profits in the mobile market.
But according to tech analyst Samsung is winning the cellular phone wars after all business thrive on market share and unicorn dander. All of these old stodgy things like profits and net income are highly over-rated. At least they are as long as Apple is the clear leader in those areas.
Interesting. My problem with Apple Maps has never been with the interface or backend, but with the data set and search (closely related to the data set). So, while I don't doubt that this complete overhaul will eventually yield something good, I think that Apple really needs to spend more time on what they are feeding the system.
And anyone foolish enough to give Google access to their medical information will get what they deserve.
This is how a service is supposed to be handled. Now, if they would just do the same with all of their services.
Until a court puts some teeth into Samsung's thieving hide it will not settle. The second a judge bans Samsung products is the day they will start wanting to settle. Until then it won't, why should it? It is making a ton of money off of stolen IP.
 I don't know, I found the blatant honesty of the following statement to be refreshing. "Samsung previously worked to sidestep that issue in November when it told its investors that it planned to copy Apple's A7 at some point ..." Emphasis mine. Everyone knows that they simply copy Apple's stuff, I guess now that they aren't even denying it.
 As has already been pointed out. This isn't exactly true, but it is close enough. Serious gamers have always bought PCs, Playstations, or XBoxes. The problem with Nintendo is that their demographic, casual gamers and kids, has been consumed by smartphones and tablets. Both of these demographics are heavily into the smartphone and tablet hardware market now. Couple this with the new Amazon Fire TV and an upgraded AppleTV with an app store (we all know it is coming soon)...
Big deal, I considered making a cold fusion reactor before I scrapped the idea.   This is news now?   Really?   This just reeks of desperation by Google. Seriously, "Look at us. We considered building a jet pack. Isn't that cool! Google is cool and cutting edge. I mean, we considered making a JET PACK! We didn't actually make it, but we considered it. How awesome is that?!"
New Posts  All Forums: