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It's "hoard" -- don't trust these spoilhecklers. JLG
Two statements look incorrect in this otherwise useful piece: 1. I quote: "Exchange is really designed to be used over a high speed local network, not over the Internet. " Tell that to millions of Outlook users traveling with their laptops, connecting to Exchange over the Internet, using Cache Mode when not connected. Same for Entourage users and their MacBooks. 2. Again: "That means remote connections to Exchange typically require an externally secured VPN...
I don't have to agree with everything in this overview to appreciate it. The author explains why Apple can and does upgrade the software more often, in better ways than its noble and worthy elders (MS and Palm), this is how the iPhone will continue to gain ground. Bugs today, $$$ tomorrow. Speaking of elders, I was curious to get my own experience of Nokia's latest E71, I bought the US version on eBay and tried it, comparing it to my Blackberry and my iPhone. Thank...
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