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Am I the only one who thinks the Guru concept meshes nicely with PC's "calming teas"? Makes me wonder if somewhat at Apple's agency got a heads-up on that.
Oh yeah, he said that too, and I agree with him. But he also said the following, and I think it's important to clarify it, because we don't want to give the Apple haters fuel for their fire!To clarify: it does recognize that you've purchased an app before, and it offers a free download when you go to replace a missing app, and I've already had to test this with Crash Kart. Now, whether you can do this multiple times or not is another question, I haven't tried it.
Great overview, but one point: The App store certainly does remember that you've already bought an app. I accidentally deleted Crash Nitrokart ($9.99) and WordPress (free) mysteriously disappeared as well (not sure why). They were not in the app tab in my iTunes, so I went to the store for the free wordpress app first, and after going through the whole process, it says "you have already purchased this item, do you want to download it for free again" Then I went for...
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