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Sure he didn't say "diluted"?
Maybe base the ripple effects on wind speed?
Look at all of that jibberish from Amazon- we've launched x, features, our products, our products, our products. With the same business goals in mind, Apple talks about- can't wait to see what people will do. People. Doing. There's a big difference, methinks.
BumpTop's public demonstration at TED was 2007. http://www.ted.com/talks/anand_agarawala_demos_his_bumptop_desktop
I hope the watch has a floppy drive.
At least additional straps can be purcahsed
This watch.
That is one way to solve problems related to worker's rights - get rid of the workers.
Divorced parents are going to use the f@ck out of this.
How do you make a feel-good video that's so f#$%^&*ing disingenuous? I mean, you have to be trying, right?
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