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This watch.
That is one way to solve problems related to worker's rights - get rid of the workers.
Divorced parents are going to use the f@ck out of this.
How do you make a feel-good video that's so f#$%^&*ing disingenuous? I mean, you have to be trying, right?
Oooh I hope it's the iSponge.
Hope they've got a proximity to my hog detector.
Two questions:   What's a radio? And, what's a shack?
Puh-leeez stop posting mock-ups and artist's renditions.   It's not news. It's not part of the news. It comes from a different, unrelated source. At best it is a misleading waste of time and space.
"Come on Apple, it's about time you pull a rabbit out of the hat and create the next "insanely great" device. Something that will astound people as much as the Mac did 30 years ago. Make it brilliant, make it do LOTS of great things that will change the way people currently think and work/play/live. Why? because I believe this is what Apple is all about and I think this will keep Apple going for another 30 years" --- Yeah, lazy Apple! You should invent something like the...
New Posts  All Forums: