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Marvin: Thak you so much for the detailed response. Despite the fact that I would want to test it out for a few weeks first, ( which is not realistic ), I just need to jump out of the plane... I will review again your advice for when I get the iMac. Thanx again Daniel
By the way.... the recruiting sofware I use is a Saas, meaning it is a pure web based application. It can only be accessed by MS iE7. Actually Explorer is the truly only thing I need to access through XP. But being their site will not function from Safari or Fire Fox I have to load XP to use MS Internet Explorer. Until IE runs on a native Mac, I am stuck with either Boot Camp or Fusion or both. Here is another question to that point. Should I use Boot Camp within Fusion?...
All: I am an ex-Mac user and not had one since I had a Mac SE and really miss the experience. I really appreciate your insight and thank you in advance for your reply & advice. I really would like to purchase an iMac to replace a Dell running XP. I own a small recuiting firm and use a computer 90% of the time for busines ( not a creative user), the remainder of use is for personal email, family photos and itunes. Being this is my business, its very important to...
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