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"I've argued for YEARS in these forums that I support same sex marriage but that the legal path to recognition is too broad. People didn't care about that. Perhaps they will care when they realize the door isn't just cracked too wide, it is blown wide open." Liar. You argued for years in these forums that you support civil unions but we should never "redefine marriage". And it looks like you're borrowing your arguments from Mike Huckabee now. And never, NEVER will...
I repeat. Many people supported slavery for reasons other than hating blacks. That doesn't make their support for slavery any less wrong. As far as treatment of homosexuals goes, anyone who can treat a person so hatefully, either hates that person, or is a sociopath who simply enjoys hurting people. It's actually giving you the benefit of the doubt that your actions are due to the former.
As for "redefining a primarily religious institution", isn't that up to the individual religions to do? Shouldn't the federal government allow individual religions the right to do that?
Many people supported slavery for reasons other than hating blacks. That doesn't make their support for slavery any less wrong.
I see. So we haven't finished killing all the people who don't like us yet so let's just kill some more. Pretty soon everybody will like us. Promise.Sounds like the deluded idea that trickle down hasn't worked yet because we haven't cut taxes enough.
How about not the same effing thing which is what every Republican (except Rand Paul, though I'm no fan) is demanding we do!?We look at history so that we can make decisions like this from a more informed perspective.Don't create new enemies. Don't create power vacuums. Don't arrogantly expect we'll be able to insert ourselves or an "ally" into a vacuum we create. Don't underestimate the power of diplomacy.We all should have learned all this by now.
True that!
Plus the MiBand has HealthKit syncing and smart wake. It's no contest, really. And no offence, but it looks nicer.
Can anyone who likes Fitbit claim that any Fitbit is better than both the Mi Band and The Pebble?
The Mi Band (I bought mine for $15) is such a superior choice than any Fitbit $100 or cheaper, it's ridiculous. Only the Fitbit Charge and above have more features, being the display showing time and caller ID. The Fitbit Charge is $125!$15 for sleep tracking with automatic sleep detection, step count with calorie count, silent alarm with smart wake function, and an IOS app that syncs with HealthKit... or $125 for the same features plus a clock and caller ID... and no...
New Posts  All Forums: