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I'm sure it ships with the same remote. They just can't market a feature that isn't currently applicable to the country where it's sold. They won't call it a "Siri remote" if Siri is not going to work. That could be construed as false advertising.
The iPhone doesn't need this as much as the Apple TV does.
The other thing that could sell people on it (not me, living in a tiny Hong Kong flat) would be if it's an always-on SIRI-able hub for all your HomeKit devices.
The AppleTV is 100% about content. Yes, apps are content. Like I said, if there are interactive (not merely navigational) apps, then the higher price would be warranted. But if the only difference is being able to click (or voice) to the latest episode of Mr. Robot a few seconds faster, it's not worth the premium for me.
Some stupidity in this thread. No, there will not be any DVR function. And $149 is not good when you consider that (unless there are games and browsing apps, etc.) it will be the exact same content as the box that currently costs $79. Hopefully that rumor is false.
Seriously? You're not going to hold on to a single device where you have the option of sending a carrier originating SMS that your company doesn't have the right to read?You also never use whatsapp?
Wish the Nano had been updated. If you've got an iPhone there's absolutely no reason to have a touch, but the Nano is definitely a device worth owning in addition to an iPhone and an apple watch. A nano with the fitness function of the watch? It would be outstanding.
Again, this is right at the end of a huge shopping mall. You can get from Star Ferry to the site without walking outside for more than 5 minutes, walking all the way through the mall. There are also underground tunnels to get there from the MTR. And it's all fully air-conditioned. Heat is not a concern.
Wrong. This is across the street from one end of the busiest shopping mall for tourists in all of Hong Kong. And Hong Kong (not Chinese until 2047) authorities don't give two fucks about pedestrian traffic. They may build a pedestrian overpass if there isn't already one there. That's all.This is fairly accurate, though half a mile seems far for some people.
Wrong. Hong Kong people are far lazier than Americans in any city. No local person can imagine having to walk five minutes from our various transportation points. Even middle class people will take a taxi to go a few blocks.
New Posts  All Forums: