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Wish the Nano had been updated. If you've got an iPhone there's absolutely no reason to have a touch, but the Nano is definitely a device worth owning in addition to an iPhone and an apple watch. A nano with the fitness function of the watch? It would be outstanding.
Again, this is right at the end of a huge shopping mall. You can get from Star Ferry to the site without walking outside for more than 5 minutes, walking all the way through the mall. There are also underground tunnels to get there from the MTR. And it's all fully air-conditioned. Heat is not a concern.
Wrong. This is across the street from one end of the busiest shopping mall for tourists in all of Hong Kong. And Hong Kong (not Chinese until 2047) authorities don't give two fucks about pedestrian traffic. They may build a pedestrian overpass if there isn't already one there. That's all.This is fairly accurate, though half a mile seems far for some people.
Wrong. Hong Kong people are far lazier than Americans in any city. No local person can imagine having to walk five minutes from our various transportation points. Even middle class people will take a taxi to go a few blocks.
Yes, the Tsim Sha Tsui store is primarily going to serve mainland tourists. This will mostly help to ease the crowds at IFC. There will not be much difference at Hysan Place in Causeway Bay. The mainland tourists will continue to pack that site.To continue the trend, I expect Sha Tin to be the site of the fifth store.
Nobody spends a lifetime of savings on medical care in Hong Kong. We have universal health care, inexpensive insurance options, and even private care and a private nurse costs next to nothing compared to the U.S.
You don't seem to understand Hong Kong people. They would wait five minutes to take a minibus to go three blocks. And buses and bus stops are everywhere.
"I've argued for YEARS in these forums that I support same sex marriage but that the legal path to recognition is too broad. People didn't care about that. Perhaps they will care when they realize the door isn't just cracked too wide, it is blown wide open." Liar. You argued for years in these forums that you support civil unions but we should never "redefine marriage". And it looks like you're borrowing your arguments from Mike Huckabee now. And never, NEVER will...
I repeat. Many people supported slavery for reasons other than hating blacks. That doesn't make their support for slavery any less wrong. As far as treatment of homosexuals goes, anyone who can treat a person so hatefully, either hates that person, or is a sociopath who simply enjoys hurting people. It's actually giving you the benefit of the doubt that your actions are due to the former.
As for "redefining a primarily religious institution", isn't that up to the individual religions to do? Shouldn't the federal government allow individual religions the right to do that?
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