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I agree with MJ on this one, according to the conspiracy theories that I've seen online, and the evidence they claim to support their theories. Someone screwed up terribly.
Except that the Boston Globe tweeted at least two times before the tragedy that police were PLANNING a security drill. That throws your explanation in the toilet, Frank.
Here's a story on the discussion: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/04/17/298720/falseflag-meme-surrounds-boston-blasts/
Oops. Looks like it may have been a sabotaged drill, or some imbecile who used live ordinance where a bomb was supposed to be a dummy.Tweeted by the Boston Globe 2 hours before the tragedy:https://mobile.twitter.com/BostonGlobe/status/323886829596205056
Just my opinion, but I doubt this was a coordinated attack. It was a single culprit who found a bomb recipe on the Internet. As to their motivation? What's the motivation for most of the nut jobs in the US who carry out heinous acts these days?
Sickening seeing comments flying on the internet blaming this on Muslims.
Was it handed out, or is it missing? It can't be both.
The only thing that stops a four year-old with a gun is a three year-old with a gun.
Maybe I don't get it, but why do we need a proxy for 20th century data? For at least the second half, we have actual measurements.
People don't stop killing people without guns, or grenades, or rockets, or nukes. They just do it far less efficiently. And that's the point.
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