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You're not doing "everything possible". You're not even doing everything possible within the scope of the law. I am doing more than you are, in fact.
Despite this being blatantly, 100% against what MJ advocates, he will never post about this story with the same critical vitriol he posts stories about neighborhoods that have statutes against front yard gardens. I wonder why. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2013/04/25/colorado-rifle-mandatory-craig-city-council_n_3157469.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000009 That's right. The government is considering forcing citizens to spend their own money on something they may...
Why do you have to lie?This is what you said:No one is working.Tell me if that's a lie or not, please.And now for the second question.Why does an already wealthy society have to generate more wealth than is required to make people happy?
How do I know what? That working class people are underpaid while (upper) management is overpaid? How do I know Lake Michigan is filled with water?
It's a totally bullshit point. Those people pay no (income) taxes because employers **** them up the ass and offer them a laughable pittance (in comparison to the salaries and profits of upper management and corporations) for hard honest work. They have EVERY fucking right to say, well, you don't pay us enough, so in order for us to live comfortably, you'll just have to make up a fair difference in taxes. Every right.
Actually, when regulation is either not imposed or not enforced, the result is a crater in the middle of town. Toxic waste in the groundwater. Effluent flowing into rivers and poisonous gases being released into the air. Dead babies from milk powder that some factory found a way to produce more cheaply. The argument is that without government regulation, industry will be self-regulating because of market forces. Texas proves that that argument is lethal bullshit.
Excuse me. Who wrote the story demonizing people for living comfortably while not working hard enough (how DARE they!?) Who started a thread spreading that story? The answer to those questions is the answer to the question of who is starting class warfare. People who aren't working hard are happy. The country isn't going bankrupt. Then what's the problem?
If the unemployed are living well, then the system is working perfectly... until it becomes too costly.   If it's not too costly and has no indication of becoming too costly any time soon, it's just a case of the working class hating on the "freeloaders", and instead of wanting everybody in the nation to be living comfortably (which is the case), they want the "freeloaders" to live uncomfortably. They want to punish them. That, my friends, is class warfare.
Come on, Trumpy, we are all well aware that 95% of the Democrats in office are conservatives when it comes to war and terrorism, Obama being the worst offender. But with the exception of Ron Paul, who is wacko in oh so many other ways, it's not like there's a single Republican who is apt to be any better in this regard, is there?
I agree with MJ on this one, according to the conspiracy theories that I've seen online, and the evidence they claim to support their theories. Someone screwed up terribly.
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