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Jesus, MJ, you're the one who suggested that I comment on the content instead of pointing out the hate. Yes, that's suggesting that I listen to you. You suggested it.   Have you had a recent stroke?
Catholic church doctrine, led by the leadership of the Catholic Church. It does tear apart the types of families mentioned to spread the hate that they do. Don't deny it, and don't play the daft idiot.
Jesus. Are you drunk? Seriously? I'm not trying to insult by saying that. I really want to know.   You said I'm promoting authority, as in PROMOTING, as in saying we would be better with more of it.   I said no, I'm not.   You said yes I am, based on what I've posted.   I said show me one post where I've done so.   You said I'm moving the goal posts.   A blurb about tools in a shed and sharpness comes to mind.
And in case you can't connect two dots, my point was that there is less threat from the US government taking away guns than there is from Syria taking away guns, so you can't use other countries as an example.
LMFAO. Says the guy who posted about deaths from cars and alcohol in a gun control thread. Priceless.
EPI. Yes, it's left leaning, having a mission statement emphasizing fair wages and working conditions for poor people. But so what?   Meanwhile, TPC estimates that the tax cuts in the Ryan budget would add 4.5 trillion to the deficit over 10 years.   But of course you're going to say that both those analyses are wrong.
The fact that you acknowledge no difference between the governments that have committed atrocities and the US government is even morex2 troubling!
You're so deeply against the drone attacks, maybe you should join the party that is taking the initiative in opposing them. Or are you simply grasping for a straw man with which to criticize Obama and BR and I by association?   And as I've said before, two wrongs don't make a right. The non-transparency of the drone attacks is wrong, and most likely the attacks themselves. And so is free for all gun sales.
I'm not moving the goal posts. I'm not promoting authority. You're the one accusing me of doing so.
  Let me clarify, since you seem to be missing the obvious point. Why Am I not surprised? Tearing apart loving gay families. Tearing apart loving unmarried families. Tearing apart loving interfaith families.   Yeah, that.   Again, I fail to see any way that Frank can compare the asshole leadership of the Catholic church to any decisions made by any atheists in leadership positions. Hence the comment.
New Posts  All Forums: