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Sickening seeing comments flying on the internet blaming this on Muslims.
Was it handed out, or is it missing? It can't be both.
The only thing that stops a four year-old with a gun is a three year-old with a gun.
Maybe I don't get it, but why do we need a proxy for 20th century data? For at least the second half, we have actual measurements.
People don't stop killing people without guns, or grenades, or rockets, or nukes. They just do it far less efficiently. And that's the point.
"Won't happen. Women have a way to shut things down." So the numbnit fuquad who makes that laughingly ignorant statement gets voted out of office. Then he says "**** you all then, I'm taking your tax money with me" and gives all his staff a double salary raise for the remainder of his term. What party allows that to happen?
Yep, that's it, turn reality on its head to obfuscate from the fact that between Liberals and Conservatives, we all know who the racists support and which party they belong to. There's no way to change those facts.   "Liberals am the racist party."
Anyone who says that the motivation behind advocating women's choice is racism is a big fucking liar. I have nothing to say to such people. That's the most absurd and hateful thing.
Of course I'm talking about the modern context. According to your logic, Christians are hate filled murderers because of the atrocities of the Crusades and the Inquisition.
Yes, but Liberals never used bigotry and hate speech as an unspoken election platform.
New Posts  All Forums: