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Thank you. It's ironic that MJ and Jazzy did that so blatantly, yet have the chutzpah to call me the liar. MJ killed a kitten last night, or he didn't. The above statement is fact. Now if you were to quote me by saying, "tonton said MJ killed a kitten", you would be a liar.
Of course that's not what he means, because what he means is to obfuscate.
Bullshit. I support a regime that supports poor people through decree. I oppose regimes that "support" poor people through wishful thinking.
Yeah, that philosophy worked so well throughout history. Even excluding government, an environment of self sustenance never left anyone to suffer. Or conversely, an environment excluding government was never attempted. Right. /s
Dude. Chimay Blue is awesome. Red is fantastic. White, not so much.
Liar. "Or" means something. It cannot simply be removed from the sentence. Ever.
So does Ron Paul think that the goodness of rich peoples' hearts will be sufficient to take care of poor people, or not?
So is there a difference between what I actually said and what you quoted, or not?
Well, TBQH, MJ seemed far more intelligent than you ever did.
Don't you think the number of black candidates the GOP fields might be representative of the number of black candidates the GOP considers are electable, and the number of black candidates the GOP might think are electable might have something to do with racism?
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