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Did you buy that 3GS first hand and never changed the battery yourself?   In every case I've heard of, this has only happened with units that have had a third party battery replacement installed.
Check the date of the article.
This would be a great segue into the story about how Sarah Palin, who repeatedly shouts that we must get rid of the consultants, and control spending, spent more than she took in, and what she did spend went 90% to consultants.
TBQH, if not for "God says so", or "it may be true but its bad for the economy, so let's fight it", they would not be denying so much overwhelming evidence.
Belgians still aren't my favorites. I love Chimay Blue and Abt.12, but I still prefer a nice EPA.   I'd rather visit Strangeways and do the Fuller's tour.
Yes and money spent by private enterprise is used soooo much more wisely.
Thank you. It's ironic that MJ and Jazzy did that so blatantly, yet have the chutzpah to call me the liar. MJ killed a kitten last night, or he didn't. The above statement is fact. Now if you were to quote me by saying, "tonton said MJ killed a kitten", you would be a liar.
Of course that's not what he means, because what he means is to obfuscate.
Bullshit. I support a regime that supports poor people through decree. I oppose regimes that "support" poor people through wishful thinking.
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