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I'm not moving the goal posts. I'm not promoting authority. You're the one accusing me of doing so.
  Let me clarify, since you seem to be missing the obvious point. Why Am I not surprised? Tearing apart loving gay families. Tearing apart loving unmarried families. Tearing apart loving interfaith families.   Yeah, that.   Again, I fail to see any way that Frank can compare the asshole leadership of the Catholic church to any decisions made by any atheists in leadership positions. Hence the comment.
The fact that you fail to see "guns for all" libertarianism as resulting in eugenics is even more troubling.  
  When the first sentence of your post has the gem, "...Utopian-soaked, pie-in-the-sky moral rhetoric...", I really don't have to listen to you. Go play on the freeway. Just because the State doesn't want you to do that and might give you a traffic citation doesn't mean it's not your right!
I honestly think that's what MJ wants because he believes it will thin out the "unwanted" aspect of society. It's the only logical explanation for what he's pushing.
Why? Are atheists trying to hide rapes, enabling the spread of AIDS and tearing apart loving families? Or are you just being a dick?
By the way, there are a few things that you seem to be missing with regard to the drone attacks. Primarily that it's the liberals that are opposing. You make it out like BR and I actually support them just because we support some of the president's other policies.
Because selectively ignorant people like to ignore things like this. And guns have been successfully eliminated from societies around the world, with fantastic results. Autos and alcohol, not so much.
Wow. Another drive-by post from MJ dripping with anti-socialism vitriol, ignoring the fact that the European "entitlement" system has been hugely successful and the American system has been the biggest failure in the modern world. Are we surprised?
Show me one example of where I've ever said we need MORE authority than we have under the current system. You can't. Your lies about what I think are hypocritical.
New Posts  All Forums: