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At least one think tank has estimated that the Ryan budget would eliminate 2 million jobs in 2014 alone. Anyone who thinks that makes no difference to a country that is "already rotting from within" needs a little wake up call.
Dude. You're the one who said I was bullshitting when I said I don't promote authority. Now go away and stop trolling.
As was I each time you objected.
"Yes, because you directly claimed that causal relationship. You directly claimed they were more free because of those things."   And the only reason to post about "economic freedom" was to indirectly claim causality, that those countries were less fucked up because of those things. See how this works? That's hypocritical.     More hypocrisy.  
Frank, are concealed pistols, semiautomatic assault rifles and large capacity clips all legal for general sale in Canada now? I'm not being facetious, I honestly want to know.
And I was pointing out that the countries I mentioned have more socialist policies than the US. And you called me out for that as "correlation and causation". You see? Hypocrisy at its most blatant.Seriously. You hate authority so much. I'm assuming you own your own business, right? I'm also assuming you're a Christian from your prior posts. How do you deal with that? Do you change churches every time you don't like something the pastor has to say? What do you do if you...
Be fully honest. Does Canada have a smaller social program budget now than it did prior to the cuts in the 90's that you mention?
I suggest you do a deep study of corporate trust in the early 20th century. Cell phones are no longer an option. They are necessary. So when all companies offer unfair terms, with or without overt collusion, the consumer may appear to have a choice, but that choice is in reality a false choice. Tallest has made his point and you have failed to counter it.
For what reason did you bring up economic freedom? Your hypocrisy stinks worse than your failed theories.
I do deny it. All the countries listed above have more socialist policy than the USA. That's not anecdote. That's fact. Many of them have higher taxes than the USA. That's not anecdote. That's fact. Yet they're all better off economically and politically than the USA. That's arguable to some depending on how you measure success, but you don't seem to be arguing against that assertion.
New Posts  All Forums: