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  Cool. So you're supporting a combination of small non-social program cuts with raised taxes to balance the budget like Clinton (and his Republican Congress) did. Good to know. So when can we see you on board with Obama implementing those Clintonsque tax increases?  
Now, if MJ had his way, every enterprising person with enough resources could build themselves a nuke. How long until armageddon, caused by just one guy preemptively targeting NK, in such a scenario?
Apple maps is still horrible in Hong Kong. Absolutely horrible. In a city this size, with three Apple stores, that's inexcusable. It's not just POI data which is terrible, either. Finding a simple address is next to impossible. First of all, addresses here are almost exclusively listed by building name, street, and district. Address numbers are very commonly listed as a range. For instance, my address (names and numbers changed) might be Flat 2B, 3/F, Woo Fung House,...
You're right. Sorry, MJ.
Not the baby boomers who prior to retiring had been unemployed, it doesn't.
The baby boomers are retiring, you moron. What on earth do you expect to happen?
  They can't. You are free to become part of the government and do anything they can do. So am I.   There's nothing the government can do that you or I can't do if we become part of the government. No one is stopping you, assuming that you're a US citizen of electable age and not a convicted felon.
Anecdotal evidence cannot be used to prove anything, but there's nothing wrong with using it to express, explain or promote an opinion.
Because certain people like lobbyists and pro-business republicans would politically crucify anyone who tried. It's not at all about difficulty in getting a conviction.
This is far worse than Apple's bug. First, it allows full phone access, not just access to contacts, photos and the dialler. Access to all your messages. Whatsapp. Browser. Everything most private to you that's not protected by a separate password.Second, because of the update procedure, Apple can produce a fix for a flaw like this and make it available to all iPhone users within a week. Samsung, on the other hand, depends on google to give them an updated Android base....
New Posts  All Forums: