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How Ironic coming from someone who links to ten page essays containing no factual evidence in support of the thesis presented.
  I've lived it. Where have you lived outside of the US or some hotel for a week?
Amazing. Just today, you said in argument that you'll just look at history. Now you're ignoring it.   Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, most European countries (with the notable exception of Greece and Spain -- go figure) have rejected cuts to welfare and social programs, and they have seen recovery and growth.   By the way, what's the gun control status in those states? Isn't that an integral part of what you call "freedom"? Yet you would leave the US for...
I understand what enables it. And mad max anarchy doesn't. If it's too dangerous to leave your house because there are so many poor people around turning to crime out of desperation, you're damn well not free.
Part of what allows them to be "freer countries" in the US is their common inclusion of a stronger social safety net than the US has. How interesting. Every single one of those countries has more welfare, more housing, more education, and certainly more health care provided by the government than the US. Yes, I want to take the US closer to how they are. Every single one of them also has a military budget of between one twentieth and one one thousandth that of the US....
Compared to most European countries as well as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Asian Tigers, yes, it does appear that way. But who's making comparisons? Certainly not the Republicans.
  Cool. So you're supporting a combination of small non-social program cuts with raised taxes to balance the budget like Clinton (and his Republican Congress) did. Good to know. So when can we see you on board with Obama implementing those Clintonsque tax increases?  
Now, if MJ had his way, every enterprising person with enough resources could build themselves a nuke. How long until armageddon, caused by just one guy preemptively targeting NK, in such a scenario?
Apple maps is still horrible in Hong Kong. Absolutely horrible. In a city this size, with three Apple stores, that's inexcusable. It's not just POI data which is terrible, either. Finding a simple address is next to impossible. First of all, addresses here are almost exclusively listed by building name, street, and district. Address numbers are very commonly listed as a range. For instance, my address (names and numbers changed) might be Flat 2B, 3/F, Woo Fung House,...
You're right. Sorry, MJ.
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