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I strongly oppose Obama on Gitmo and I oppose Obama on drones. Now, where do the Republicans stand on those issues? Give me a differentiating issue as a reason to support another candidate. Health care would do it. Give me an opponent who supports a TRUE public healthcare option, and I will oppose Obama. Give me an opponent who supports a high tax rate (40%+) combined with a high standard deduction ($70K+), and I will oppose Obama.   You won't convince me to oppose...
Some people think that pointing out racism is equal to being racist.  
Being in Hong Kong, we really don't get much in the way of American craft beers. I've found a bar where we can get about 80 different English Ales in the bottle, from the better known medium breweries, as well as from some smaller ones. We can also find a bunch of Belgians, euro blondes, lots of the better known wits and weissens, a few Australian and New Zealand ales, and plenty of lagers and pilseners from around the world (yuck). But some things are strangely absent....
Let me introduce you to the Libertarians, whose entire being is defined by distorting the past and making shit up about the future.
If Pacman ever runs for president you guys are fucked. I agree with your last sentence. It's been nothing but a chain of fools.
iMessage is useless when half your friends have Samsungs.
Keep in mind, LINE got thrashed when it was first released, for selling users' data.
Free is not really free when it includes ads and constant marketing for "upgrades" or "add-ons". That's why whatsapp has dominated. I would MUCH rather pay $1 a year than have ads.
As far as Belgian ales go, oddly, I didn't like Duvel at all. I liked several others though, especially Belgian Blondes. My favorite American beer is Sierra Nevada Stout. Awesome coffee/chocolate notes. Haven't liked any American IPAs, though.
Hong Kong is a desert. Nine out of ten bars have four macro lagers on tap, and import bottles of corona and Budweiser. Guinness can be found in bottles (the excellent Guinness Foreign Extra, not the crappy Guinness Draught) and Hoegaarden is popular, but I make a point of avoiding bars that don't have Boddingtons, as that's my popular beer of choice. From Boddingtons I started exploring English Pale Ales, and from there, Belgian Ales. The only place to get those in Hong...
New Posts  All Forums: