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Hong Kong is a desert. Nine out of ten bars have four macro lagers on tap, and import bottles of corona and Budweiser. Guinness can be found in bottles (the excellent Guinness Foreign Extra, not the crappy Guinness Draught) and Hoegaarden is popular, but I make a point of avoiding bars that don't have Boddingtons, as that's my popular beer of choice. From Boddingtons I started exploring English Pale Ales, and from there, Belgian Ales. The only place to get those in Hong...
Come on, Marv, with the likes of Erap and GMA getting elected, things aren't much better where you are. Don't get me started on Manny Pacquaio (shudder).
Anyone here posted any reviews on Beer Advocate or another site, or have a beer blog? Here are my BA reviews: http://beeradvocate.com/user/beers?ba=tonton
Here in Hong Kong, there's not a single person who doesn't use whatsapp. No one uses viber. And some of the comments here show that people didn't read the article. It said that legacy paid users will be grandfathered in, meaning we won't have to pay the subscription.
Recognition of same sex marriage is going to snowball. The Bible Belt and the Deep South will continue to oppose, but I see every blue state and every northern state legalizing same sex marriage within ten years. Then it's going to go national as a human rights issue.
Face it, haters, we've reached a tipping point.
What's amazing, and saddening, is that the Conservatives can look at Greece, and look at Iceland, and still conclude that we need to cut spending on social problems to fix the economy. It's like they have lost brain function or something.
You claim this thread is about understanding economics, yet you keep posting oversimplified idiocy that ignores thousands of aspects if society and the economy. Why is that?
Don't you get it? It's not the people having those views that are tearing apart the families. It's the people spreading those views and forcing them on others. You're free to have your own fucking views. Don't like same sex marriage? Don't fucking marry someone of the same sex. But once you start telling me what I should or shouldn't do, you're over the line. And damn straight the pope and the Catholic Church tell a billion and a half people what they should and shouldn't...
  What you've said in the above sentence is a bald-faced fucking lie. How many fathers and mothers have disowned their sons and daughters because of sexuality issues, enabled by church doctrine? That's not tearing apart a family!!?? How many gay couples want to raise a child, and church policy and laws enabled by that policy preclude them from doing so? That's not tearing apart a (potential) loving family? How many gay couples would work harder to make their relationship...
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