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People who escape justice in our society don't do it with anywhere near the ease with which they would under NAP. That is clear. I've shown one example. I could show a hundred, but it's futile. Yet... It's still one more example than the number you've given to counter. It's an example that you have yet to disprove (and couldn't).
I have indeed showed an example of how easy it would be for someone to walk away from a crime. Your denial doesn't change that.And just admit it. You don't want to answer my question about how justice would be brought (your claim that it could be done) because you haven't thought that far ahead. You can't answer the question.
Yes, and I regularly support policies that don't benefit me directly! I use the power I have in the system for the benefit of our society. The society under which my fourteen year-old daughter will be receiving her last three years of high school education, presumably college and perhaps future career should she choose.Oh, but I don't live there, so I shouldn't have a say?
Last I checked my passport says USA. Part of the liberty I have as a US citizen is the liberty to live and work and raise a family outside of the USA without giving up my birthright as an American citizen. Hooray! Would you take away that right?You have the right to vote, hold office, speak publicly and publish. That's not enough for you, so you claim to be powerless, instead of admitting that you do indeed have power, just not as much as you would like. Boo hoo.
I've given a clear example of how easy it would be for a murderer or thief to avoid justice.Please do tell. How do you bring the thief to justice in my case? How can you be sure justice has been carried out? How can you be sure the one finally convicted hasn't been wrongly convicted?
We're not talking perfection. We're not even close. Using the NAP as the only law, the outcome wouldn't even be a Picasso portrait of justice.
"In some cases"? In every case where the perp hasn't been caught red handed and decides he doesn't want to go to jail, more like.
Do I not have a country now?And have you lost your right to vote, hold office, speak, publish and protest?
Ignoring the fact that we have a representative constitutional system based on checks and balances and basic rights. How typical.
New Posts  All Forums: