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The watch has no way of knowing if you're standing or seated. Even if the Z-axis is sensitive enough to detect a 2-3 foot difference in height, you could simply be sitting on a stool.Wisely, instead, it sees lateral movement as evidence that you're walking around, presumably standing, unless you're in a wheelchair or fooling around on your office chair.
That's right. It counts the number of hours during which you've stood for at least one minute, not the accumulated time you've spent standing.
WoWoke up this morning (HK time) to the update and installed it in 15 minutes.
There's a swimming app for the pebble...
Works fairly well for swimming. (Yes, I know...) But I suppose that's rhythmic.
The setting panel doesn't allow you to paste in any emoji.
Apple Maps in Hong Kong is still unacceptably bad. You'd think that as one of their major markets, with three Apple stores in a single city and massive sales, Apple would focus on fixing that.
Am I the only one who REALLY WANTS skeuomorphic face options?
New Posts  All Forums: