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Well, since I don't live in the US, and since I already have an advertising-free Apple TV, I'm all set.One thing about LG that is vastly superior is the passive 3D, which is why I chose LG in the first place.
I just bought an LG 3DTV and it's being delivered on Friday. :|
Easy fix. Don't connect the TV to the internet, ever. Seriously, what do you lose? Browsing the internet? Who does that?
iPad 5. I've skipped three updates of the iPad, and I'm not getting the iPhone 5s this year.
 Judging by this thread, some people have had major problems installing this update, and Apple may have pulled it.
Same here. No update. Apple must be waiting for server issues to be ironed out.
 Thee words. Real Racing Three. Okay, four words.Real Fycking Racing Three. With their retarded 1.2 and later updates.
Kit Kat "will have 64-bit support". iOS7 runs in 64-bit. One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong.
 There are also touchscreen latency issues that Google said would be solved with Gingerbread, but still aren't.
 Having a card sent by FedEx is not the same thing, unfortunately.
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