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The setting panel doesn't allow you to paste in any emoji.
Apple Maps in Hong Kong is still unacceptably bad. You'd think that as one of their major markets, with three Apple stores in a single city and massive sales, Apple would focus on fixing that.
Am I the only one who REALLY WANTS skeuomorphic face options?
At least they're strong and sturdy, unlike the US garbage plugs.I don't think either country is likely to change any time soon, unfortunately.And Hong Kong is more likely to change to the equally crap China Y-plug.
Also, looks like the Apple Watch Sport Edition comes with the 1m magnetic charging cable, while the Apple Watch (Steel) comes with the 2m cable. Can we confirm this?   Edit: I take it back. Looks like they are both 2m.
Note that the plugs are perfectly spring-loaded as well, requiring very little effort to fold either way. It's a lovely piece of kit that will work much better in a bag than the usual claw.
YouTube is still working on my Gen 2 ATV. The top video is always the "unsupported" video but below that are all the videos I expect to see, and they are perfectly playable.
Got my shipping notice and tracking number. Delivers tomorrow but it's not FedEx, so I may not be able to get it until Tuesday. 😭
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