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Also, looks like the Apple Watch Sport Edition comes with the 1m magnetic charging cable, while the Apple Watch (Steel) comes with the 2m cable. Can we confirm this?   Edit: I take it back. Looks like they are both 2m.
Note that the plugs are perfectly spring-loaded as well, requiring very little effort to fold either way. It's a lovely piece of kit that will work much better in a bag than the usual claw.
YouTube is still working on my Gen 2 ATV. The top video is always the "unsupported" video but below that are all the videos I expect to see, and they are perfectly playable.
Got my shipping notice and tracking number. Delivers tomorrow but it's not FedEx, so I may not be able to get it until Tuesday. 😭
As long as it fixes the UNACCEPTABLE Apple Maps situation in Hong Kong, I'm on board.
My 42mm SS Milanese Loop is now Preparing for Shipment! Yay!Hope it's going by Fedex as some Apple shipments have in the past, as the FedEx office is just two blocks from my house.
My ship date is 4/24 to 5/8 and my order is still "processing". My gift card balance has also not been deducted. I guess that means I'm not getting it on Friday. Damn.
Totally agree. I've been waiting for something more compelling than 1080p to justify the upgrade.
I just bought the Apple watch with Milanese loop, and I think that Huawei looks nice in the picture. Would like to see the actual product with the milanese loop band instead of the leather band as shown on the other photo. It does look really thick like a hockey puck though.
42mm Milanese Loop, order finally went through (in Hong Kong) at 12:23PST, delivery 4/24-5/8! If I change my mind I'm sure I can sell it in Mong Kok for a profit.
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