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As far as fooling people goes, I'd just use a plain (not leather) manila envelope with a string closure. Done. 50¢.
TBQH I'll be the first in line. I've been wearing a Nano v.6 watch (LunaTik) for two years, it's super limited, and it's relatively ugly. But it's saved my ass (as a preschool teacher) a few times when my Nano v.7 has unexpectedly run out of battery.   If Apple makes something that can interface with my iPhone, it will change my whole life. :)   Or just a watch-sized nano with Bluetooth FFS.
  Yes, "pros" want a 4x4 diesel truck to haul tons of product.   Apple delivers a solar powered hovercraft that can haul tons of product. Twice as fast. In 1/8th the space.   What's the problem?
Fair enough. But why ask the question if "no one is working" is neither what is happening nor what will ever happen? Scare tactics. It's like me asking what will happen if no one grows and produces food because we can get it at the supermarket.So if society suddenly believes "hey, I as a working person don't mind if part of what I earn supports some people who don't want to work" then the world would be a better place. As it is in Denmark.What ills do happen? I dont see...
Good for you for starting your own business. Do you believe everybody in the world is capable of doing so if they set their mind to it? Do you believe everybody is capable of setting their mind to it?And for those around the world who are incapable, perhaps you might suggest they start a business whose business plan is to collect the combined labor force in a particular industry and approach the businesses who need labor and tell them that you are offering them your labor...
Seems Hands wants to start a new Naziism. Jews in 1913, Muslims in 2013.
And you didn't respond to my calling out of your blatant lie that "no one" is working.
You didn't answer my question. What's wrong with the people who are not working at all still being comfortable? Is a millionaire's housewife with no children comfortable? How dare she be comfortable as a result of her husband's hard labor! Lazy bitch! If 1% of the population could work efficiently enough to pay for 99% of the population's happiness, the why the hell not? That would be a great society, with very little crime and very little suffering. Shouldn't we aspire...
You're not doing "everything possible". You're not even doing everything possible within the scope of the law. I am doing more than you are, in fact.
Despite this being blatantly, 100% against what MJ advocates, he will never post about this story with the same critical vitriol he posts stories about neighborhoods that have statutes against front yard gardens. I wonder why. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2013/04/25/colorado-rifle-mandatory-craig-city-council_n_3157469.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000009 That's right. The government is considering forcing citizens to spend their own money on something they may...
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