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I think my wrist is about the same. If I were you I'd choose the 42mm.For reference, I'm average build, 5'10" and 185lb.
I had no problem ordering the 42mm steel option with Milanese loop, except that I couldn't choose the gift card option through my phone. The staff at the Apple Store helped me order through the web browser, at 3:23pm (12:23am PST). Delivery date was between 4/24 and 5/5. Surprised if I get it before the 27th.
Just tried the 42mm Milanese loop and the 42mm sport. Definitely prefer the Milanese loop. Meanwhile, some of my questions were answered. The sport is noticeably lighter. The 38mm is definitely too small for my wrist. The sport band is tricky to put on if you like a snug fit. I'd be worried about the aluminum and the ion-x glass getting scratched. The trial units are dummy units and cannot be powered on, so you cannot compare watch faces on your wrist. The demo...
Well, well. I've got my appointment in two minutes.
Would try it myself, but I can't access the update. Right now it tells me it has 31 hours remaining to complete the download.
Well, I expect to only use my Apple Watch for work music, so 2GB is enough. I'll use my Nano for my preferred playlists and iTunes Match for everything else.
Debit cards don't exist here. Yeah, I know.
That's a possibility.
What?I totally agree, which is why I chimed in.$350 is expensive for a watch that's not jewellery class and $17000 is ridiculous for one that is.But this is not just a watch.$350 is cheap for what the Apple watch does. I'm paying an extra $200 for the durability and look of the steel one.Meanwhile, $350 is expensive for what a Samsung Gear watch does and how it looks.
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