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 Judging by this thread, some people have had major problems installing this update, and Apple may have pulled it.
Same here. No update. Apple must be waiting for server issues to be ironed out.
 Thee words. Real Racing Three. Okay, four words.Real Fycking Racing Three. With their retarded 1.2 and later updates.
Kit Kat "will have 64-bit support". iOS7 runs in 64-bit. One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong.
 There are also touchscreen latency issues that Google said would be solved with Gingerbread, but still aren't.
 Having a card sent by FedEx is not the same thing, unfortunately.
As far as fooling people goes, I'd just use a plain (not leather) manila envelope with a string closure. Done. 50¢.
TBQH I'll be the first in line. I've been wearing a Nano v.6 watch (LunaTik) for two years, it's super limited, and it's relatively ugly. But it's saved my ass (as a preschool teacher) a few times when my Nano v.7 has unexpectedly run out of battery.   If Apple makes something that can interface with my iPhone, it will change my whole life. :)   Or just a watch-sized nano with Bluetooth FFS.
  Yes, "pros" want a 4x4 diesel truck to haul tons of product.   Apple delivers a solar powered hovercraft that can haul tons of product. Twice as fast. In 1/8th the space.   What's the problem?
Fair enough. But why ask the question if "no one is working" is neither what is happening nor what will ever happen? Scare tactics. It's like me asking what will happen if no one grows and produces food because we can get it at the supermarket.So if society suddenly believes "hey, I as a working person don't mind if part of what I earn supports some people who don't want to work" then the world would be a better place. As it is in Denmark.What ills do happen? I dont see...
New Posts  All Forums: