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The 2001 iPod was 5GB. I know. I bought one. The Apple Watch has more storage than that.
Apple Store in Hong Kong told me they will have watches on display at opening time tomorrow morning, so, if accurate, the same should be true for Australia. Problem for me is that I'm not currently using my credit cards, so I guess I can't preorder, even if I'm holding $600 in cash to get one in my hand.
I'm guessing you've never been in a Chanel shop or Bottega Veneta or Hermes shopping for a limited stock of $10,000 handbags. Most of the time, even if you're dressed in a $10,000 suit, they won't even let you touch it.
That case looks like absolute ass. The watch with the case will be fecking huge! Apple has said publicly that you can wash your hands with the watch on. If it gets damaged due to swimming laps (not likely, it's just a precaution to tell you not to do it), what's to stop someone from claiming it got damaged through normal use while washing your hands?
You'd have to have brain damage to hire that guy after what he did at JC Penney.
I fear the bands will be chipped for authentication to avoid "unauthorized" third party accessory makers from cashing in.
Again... Rain. Sweat. Laps.It doesn't have to be waterproof to 20M ffs but it had better damn well be usable for swimming laps.It doesn't make any sense for it not to be waterproof.And, as I said, there's been no indication that it's not.
So... Show us an example of limited government that works. Anywhere.Do you seriously want us to make the U.S. a fucking experiment, when there are mountains of research that contradicts the Ayn Rand moronic view that "the free market fixes itself", which it never has?Somalia dissolved the "failed government" of which you speak in 1992 FFS.What, 23 years is not enough time for "small government" to do its Randian magic?Fail.
"Why bother making it waterproof when it requires an iPhone for full functionality? I'd say waterproof may come later. They have to start somewhere. It'd be silly to delay release for the sake of waterproof when no one knows what the demand for that feature would be." Rain. (Every day use and definitely fitness use) Sweat. (Especially fitness use-see problems apple has had in the past with this issue.) Swimming. (Fitness use) Of course it needs to be waterproof, or at...
You seem to have a serious reading comprehension problem. I'd have that looked at.
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