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Where has it been confirmed that it's not immersible?
Actually, if I'm not mistaken, Apple pays more in taxes than any other company in the nation.Anyone care to do the research on this?
If you think the S1 exists only as a design and hasn't already been produced and assembled in quantity, ready to be placed into the final product for a Q2 launch of the device, then I thinK it's you who really needs to do a little thinking here.We're not talking about a device that's being released in September, folks.
"Tapped to build"? That's idiotic. It's already built.
That extra $500M was before the bribes and kickbacks were paid out... The cost of doing business in ChIna.
No one pays for iTunes Radio. If you pay for iTunes Match, however, you get ad-free iTunes Radio for free
Jing-a-ling. Ding-a-ling. Soon it will be Christmas Day.
Serious problems with the update. After fixing the photos issue with 8.1, Apple screwed it up again with a downgrade. Certain apps that access the photo library once again have stopped working correctly, and the photo access API seems to be exactly how it was before they fixed it last time. I also had a major issue with the camera app after updating, where new photos couldn't be saved. Then my phone went from 33% to less than 20% in a matter of about two minutes, and shut...
What I'd love to see for deaf people, and everyone else (sighted) for that matter, is a voice-to-text function that can turn voice messages into readable text. Apple already has the technology for this through Siri and dictation software. All they have to do is make it work with voice messages.
I may be the only one here, but all I care about is the new long overdue iPod Nano and the iWatch if it exists.
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