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Well, I have reviewed the history, and by all firsthand accounts, there were no deaths in Boston harbor on that night. In that case, I do not consider this particular rebellion an act of terrorism. I'd like to ask anyone here whether they consider a Muslim rebel force blowing up an unmanned American oil well an act of terrorism.
Is government really used more widely than religion to control people? REALLY? I suggest you have another look at history.
Do you not think that US detention would be more transparent? The government would be more accountable?
Good example. Yes, it was. If i recall my history correctly, the rebels stormed the ships, killed the men on board and destroyed the cargo. The act was meant as a threat to the British that if they did not stop the oppression of the settlers (taxation without representation), then more violence would follow.Sounds like a terrorist act to me.Would you condemn the Boston Tea Party?If not, then why?Is it because you find such oppression unbearable?Now... Does anyone thing the...
Of course not. That's a completely narrow viewpoint.We can look at any number of developed nations other than the US and see exactly how they do it better and cheaper than the US does. Why are you so resistant to looking outside for successful policy ideas?For instance, how much of the bloated US system of anything is devoted to means testing?Cut out the means testing and you cut out bloat and inefficiency.As for taxes, flatten the tax rate to a marginal rate high enough...
Yes it is. My opinion is strongly founded on a humanist perspective. Yours is founded on a growth perspective. From a humanist perspective, the goal of society is the health, happiness and well being of all the citizens. From a growth perspective, the goal of society is growth, profit, GDP, often at the expense of the health, happiness and well being of many citizens.
You guys are confusing the size of government with the role of government. Government has to take a great role in encouraging, and ensuring, prosperity for its citizens. It doesn't take a physically huge, in terms of personnel, or in terms of structure, to do that. What we need is more efficient government, not fewer regulations or social programs.
Well, to start with, both evolution and global warming have more collaborative scientifc evidence behind them than supply-side economics.
Somehow a Vice President or a senator making several million dollars on an un-tendered war contract is somehow not frowned upon? It's somehow not illegal? It's not government that is the problem. It's the US government that is the problem.
Bribery of an elected official is a criminal offense. But paying a lobbyist six figures to take Senators out on $200 a plate martini lunches where promises can be traded is not a criminal offense. Extortion of an elected official is a criminal offense. But paying a lobbyist six figures to tell Senators during one of those martini lunches or private yacht trips or cocktail receptions that if they don't push your agenda then you will publish a trade article telling the...
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