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Just a thought, but have you checked your hard drive space?
The Palestinians resort to terrorism. They have killed less than 10 Israelis in the last 2 weeks. The Israelis do not directly target civilians, but close to 100 Palestinian civilians have been killed in the last 2 weeks. Maybe it's time to stop sticking to labels as an excuse, and recognize evil acts for what they are, whether we call them terrorism or not.
Let those willing to pay for it cut in line or go to a private hospital. That's the way it works in most countries. What's the problem?It would easily work if we can get costs down.Obviously, the first step is to get costs down. The only way to do that is through regulation and fair competition. Even a free market step can be beneficial. Let's allow patients to choose generic drugs. Let's cut drug patent validity periods. Let's allow patients to choose their practitioner,...
It's insane that you see the problem (astronomical costs compared to other countries) but you don't see the solution (regulate those costs). Physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and the legal system are all earning insane profits from our broken health care system. Not to mention the thousands of health care pharmaceutical and insurance related lobbyists in Wahington who earn million dollar salaries for doing nothing short of bribing our...
The thing is, the US is overrun with idiots who think that public health care in other countries doesn't cover things like MRIs, physiotherapy, modern medical procedures and medications. This thread is evidence of that.     That's an idiotic statement from someone who doesn't know a thing about the health care systems overseas, makes assumptions, and who doesn't want to know the truth, and who doesn't want to face the fact that the US health system is NOT special in...
The mini also has Siri, and the cellular version has the far superior LTE as well as turn-by-turn navigation.
Some interesting analysis:   http://www.infowars.com/the-real-reason-for-the-assault-in-gaza/
That's terrible. No old file photos should be used to fake recent events.   However, the following facts are not disputed:   (source)   Sounds fair? Plus this:       Is there no recognition of forcing the Palestinians into a corner? Force people into a corner, and you don't expect them to fight back?
Marv, you seem like a reasonable person. A bit quick on the trigger, maybe not fully informed, but usually reasonable.   What do you think about the following?   From this image, it should be clear that there is no risk of Israel not existing. Palestine -- or the land settled legally with rights by Palestinians -- on the other hand? Do you not think it will be a shame if they are "wiped off the map"?
Was the photo fake? Seriously? I usually don't respond to your racist and otherwise hateful bullshit, but if this is true, please share (I don't mean that sarcastically, I really want to know.)
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