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You see, "big government" is this great catch-all catchphrase that really helps get the angry white men all riled up and randy. But what you call big government, most people just call government, and disaster relief is one aspect of responsible government that cannot be compromised. Without it we are relying on business -- whose business it is to make a profit -- for help. There is no room for profit in disaster relief.
For disaster relief? Yes. Absolutely. Show me one example, any example, anywhere on earth where lack of government disaster relief has helped.
Yeah, I have the same problem with my countrymen. About 47%, oddly enough.
They have that system in Canada. The rich people who want to cut in line can always go to the US for treatment. And they do. Let them.   But yeah, I think the Hong Kong/Swiss/German/Austrian/Dutch/Scandinavian/Spanish/French/British system is better than the Canadian system. Canada's problem, however, is not enough doctors, due to the draw of insane profits if they practice in the US. The broken system in the US is contributing to the Canadian problem.
Quote: You're kidding, right?   Did you fail third grade economics?   Why don't you tell me what increased demand (and plenty of supply capacity) usually do to price?   Then I can tell you why it doesn't happen in the US (but it happens in Canada).   Lobbyists, corruption, quid pro status quo.
I'm sorry, but as you grow up, you'll learn to take better care of your belongings. Don't leave your iPod on a table at school and expect it to be there when you get back from the bathroom. Don't leave it in your bag, unlocked, while you go and play some hoops. Don't leave it on the lunch table at the cafeteria when you go get some more veggie lasagna.
Just a thought, but have you checked your hard drive space?
The Palestinians resort to terrorism. They have killed less than 10 Israelis in the last 2 weeks. The Israelis do not directly target civilians, but close to 100 Palestinian civilians have been killed in the last 2 weeks. Maybe it's time to stop sticking to labels as an excuse, and recognize evil acts for what they are, whether we call them terrorism or not.
Let those willing to pay for it cut in line or go to a private hospital. That's the way it works in most countries. What's the problem?It would easily work if we can get costs down.Obviously, the first step is to get costs down. The only way to do that is through regulation and fair competition. Even a free market step can be beneficial. Let's allow patients to choose generic drugs. Let's cut drug patent validity periods. Let's allow patients to choose their practitioner,...
It's insane that you see the problem (astronomical costs compared to other countries) but you don't see the solution (regulate those costs). Physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and the legal system are all earning insane profits from our broken health care system. Not to mention the thousands of health care pharmaceutical and insurance related lobbyists in Wahington who earn million dollar salaries for doing nothing short of bribing our...
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