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Use your argument above to explain why getting a cast on a broken leg in Canada costs the taxpayer 1/5 the cost of what it is in the US.It's not government that is the problem. It is the US government that is the problem.
Jesus. Whoosh again. I didn't say Canada should regulate a thing. They do that now, and what i'm suggesting will eventually remove regulation by allowing Canadian doctors to practice privately in Canada.Read what I wrote again. Canada doesn't have to change a thing at this point. Fix the US system and the Canadian doctors will choose from free will to stay home. Then Canadians can concentrate on fixing their own system.Yes, the insane profiteering of the medical system in...
Oh my god. The "whoosh" was audible from 6000 miles across the Pacific. I didn't say Canada should stop their citizens from going abroad. I said the US should get a handle on insane profiteering.
Didn't you say you were leaving this thread, BR? He lost the argument. Nothing more needs to be said. Let him talk himself into a wall defending his stupid and intellectually dishonest comparison.
When official Government military actions, presumed against military targets, have a 2 out of 3 civilian death rate and a 10, 20, 50x civilian death rate compared to the enemy, it takes a real lack of morals for someone not to see that that is not an ethical thing to do.   Whether it's called "terrorism" or not, people die. This can be stopped. This should be stopped.   If Israel really wants to gain favour enough to end this conflict, Israel must take the moral...
There are several problems with your claim:1) Supply can be artificially restricted to maintain high prices.2) The synthesis of most of these high-priced drugs is simply a matter of mixing chemicals that are themselves in abundant supply. Capacity could easily be increased if the drug companies wanted to.3) The price for generic drugs is way lower.4) The price for brand name drugs is much lower outside of the US.Um... Let me see... First, Canadian doctors stop going to the...
Are you seriously expecting Fox to report on this at all?
You see, "big government" is this great catch-all catchphrase that really helps get the angry white men all riled up and randy. But what you call big government, most people just call government, and disaster relief is one aspect of responsible government that cannot be compromised. Without it we are relying on business -- whose business it is to make a profit -- for help. There is no room for profit in disaster relief.
For disaster relief? Yes. Absolutely. Show me one example, any example, anywhere on earth where lack of government disaster relief has helped.
Yeah, I have the same problem with my countrymen. About 47%, oddly enough.
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