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I am a socialist, and that's not by assumption, nor is it by theory, nor is it by any ambition for my own profit at the expense of others, or for the profit of my nation at the expense of other nations. I simply want as many people to be cared for as possible. I am a humanist.   I am a socialist, and I take my position by OBSERVATION.   I observe what has happened due to the rise of supply-side economics during the Reagan era, and it is not progress.   I...
Face it, MJ. You would be much much happier if taxes were slashed even if it meant poor people starving and people rioting and turning to other crime (though you have bought into the disproved theory that that doesn't happen, and that somehow rich people's prosperity does "trickle down" to the masses), than you would if taxes were raised and poor people were as happy as they are in Denmark and Holland, and the economy recovers as a result of the spending of those happy...
Thanks for the link. I wasn't aware he left the GOP. That doesn't make me a liar.And this...
Another Republican out of touch with reality. You would think eating out of garbage cans would be a little less healthy for the homeless than eating donated food that has to be checked by the person receiving it.
Read it again. Developers will not be able to make price changes to in-app purchases for 8 days. Customers will absolutely be able to make in-app purchases.
Get a Toaster Pro. Gives the iPad and iPhone all of that and more.
If I'm wrong, give me an example of another country that is closer to what you are pushing for. And explain how Somalia differs from what you are pushing for. Thanks.
Free market "anarcho-capitalists" want government to be completely out of the financial lives of the people. Like Somalia. Free market "anarcho-capitalists" want road building and security and education to be run in the private sector. Like Somalia. Free market "anarcho-capitalists" want government to be localized and denationalized. Like Somalia. But Somalia isn't an example of what you want. Bullshit. Somalia is exactly what you're asking for in terms of governance....
You're looking forward to increased crime? Go watch Mad Max. Don't **** with people's lives to get your Wild West hard on.
Instead of simply being a dick, why don't you simply correct me if I'm wrong.
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