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That's terrible. No old file photos should be used to fake recent events.   However, the following facts are not disputed:   (source)   Sounds fair? Plus this:       Is there no recognition of forcing the Palestinians into a corner? Force people into a corner, and you don't expect them to fight back?
Marv, you seem like a reasonable person. A bit quick on the trigger, maybe not fully informed, but usually reasonable.   What do you think about the following?   From this image, it should be clear that there is no risk of Israel not existing. Palestine -- or the land settled legally with rights by Palestinians -- on the other hand? Do you not think it will be a shame if they are "wiped off the map"?
Was the photo fake? Seriously? I usually don't respond to your racist and otherwise hateful bullshit, but if this is true, please share (I don't mean that sarcastically, I really want to know.)
I agree we should end corporate welfare, but I think you're wrong with regard to Apple's taxes. Your number, as far as I know, is the amount Apple paid the US only on its *overseas* earnings. Apple paid a standard amount (which is too low in my opinion) on domestic earnings. Keep in mind, Apple paid plenty of taxes to foreign governments on those earnings. Should Apple have to pay taxes to foreign governments AND to the IRS on capital that remains overseas? Well......
Good luck. He never said a word about being so wrong about WMD. He's like Donald Trump, without the money. Or the good looks.
Face it. If Romney had released all of his tax returns, and there was no funny business involved (like amnesty granted on evasion charges, or even legally paying 0% for a few years) then he would have won this election. He withheld his returns because he had something to hide. Obama has withheld nothing about his past associations.
I see. Because how someone runs their personal finances is not at ALL related to what they think about fair tax policy and what policies they will pursue.But who someone met with or even expressed respect for (gasp!) will TOTALLY affect how they will govern.
Obama's past "associations" are a concern. But Romney's tax records are a distraction. Riiiight.
Certainly no "conservative" does.
I am a social democrat who believes Israel is acting in pure evilness against the Palestinians, I believe every nation should provide non means-tested health care to everyone, paid for by taxes on the rich, and I believe the US constitution should be amended to greatly restrict and regulate firearms. SDW and I have both been members of political discussion boards on Appleinsider for something like ten years or more. If SDW ever runs for public office, he could claim that...
New Posts  All Forums: