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Just out of curiosity, what's the body count in this latest outbreak of violence?I think it's a sick **** who doesn't care and who thinks those Palestinian kids had it coming.
Is Obama not attempting to compromise, exactly how he said Bush should have done in 2004?   If you say Obama is not compromising, you are a liar.
Fiscally insane policies like Prop 13.
There's a bug in the forums. I did quote you. You had this to say in 2004, and it cannot be put into any more context:     Quote (by SDW): "Bush and the Republicans got a clear majority. 51% of the vote in a national election is a mandate."
    Sure, without regulation, the people (who know nothing about teachers) can look in the yellow pages, like the name of the daycare provider (Sunny Day Daycare) and hire him. Unfortunately for your toddler, Mr. Day just moved into town from Miami, where he raped and murdered three little children. You go to the authorities, and... oops... Mr. Day is no longer in town. You want to know where he went, but... oops... the Government doesn't provide that kind of...
And there you go. Society is a cartoon to these simplistic people.   Imagine if Oliver is going to die if George doesn't give him some help. And George still refuses, not because he can't help (which I would understand) but because he resents being asked to help. Then you damn well bet I'd punch George in the face. George is a ****.   Jazzy, are you going to be a **** just because you don't want to help people because the government is asking you (whether it's...
When said religion is inherently ridiculous, it's often hard not to share the smile.
I see outrage in the fact that 50% of your household chooses the gardener. OUTRAGE, I tell you!
Apparently, there was voter suppression against the pro-Romney folk in this election.   According to reports I've seen, the votes on Kolob were never counted.*   *Not my quote, I just found it hilarious.
Um... you missed the part about your wife wanting a different gardener.
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