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http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/the-crisis-has-yet-to-hit-the-wealthiest-greeks-a-866693.html   You might learn a little.     Sounds EXTREMELY American to me.
Actually, I won't. I will have good karma in my next life. Of course Palestinians never get blown up in a pizza shop. They can't afford pizza shops, so they get shot playing soccer on a dirt lot. And you seem to continue to ignore the fact that almost every time a peace treaty is violated, it's the Israelis doing the violating. And you seem to be continuing to ignore the one-sided body count in this conflict as well.
RTo point out that you believe Obama has a mandate this term.
Perhaps Kucinich can win a senate seat in 2014.
Which describes what most people recognize as today's conservatives perfectly.
I know some of you may believe differently, but it's such a crying shame that Kucinich will lose his seat in January. Cabinet position, perhaps, or is Obama too conservative?
It's so fun keeping this thread title up at the top.
They have been cutting spending since before Obama came into office. That's as conservative as it gets, and it's exactly what the conservatives are calling for in the US. But the problem is, those spending cuts made things worse, and now it's too late to avoid anything but more spending cuts and tax increases. Greece had a way out, which would have been to stimulate the economy by empowering the people, not the businesses. Instead, they stifled it. The public is now...
Israel is criminal in its treatment of the Palestinians. They steal their land, bulldoze their houses, and kill their children in defense of their right to do so. Every time a rock is thrown back in defiance, they fire a gun. Any time a gun is fired in defiance, they fire a rocket. Any time a rocket is fired in defiance, they bring in the helicopters.In a karmic next life, you're going to be born as one of the oppressed, and only then will you understand how it feels. The...
New Posts  All Forums: