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Do you hire an accountant? An attorney? A teacher for your children who is not yourself? A hairdresser for your wife? A contractor who fixes your plumbing or a gardener who waters your lawn?All of those things consume resources (your money). They don't create them.But they perform a service. So does government.All those things are done more efficiently because you choose not to do them yourself.So is governance.You get to choose who waters your lawn, you say?We get to...
  "The Greek government can no longer pay its bills and owes private-sector companies some €9 billion. But even now, three years into the crisis, it continues to exempt commercial shipping companies, which make up its most successful industrial sector, from all taxes. This relief for the rich just puts more of a burden on the poor."   Pro-business policies, did you ask?
http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/the-crisis-has-yet-to-hit-the-wealthiest-greeks-a-866693.html   You might learn a little.     Sounds EXTREMELY American to me.
Actually, I won't. I will have good karma in my next life. Of course Palestinians never get blown up in a pizza shop. They can't afford pizza shops, so they get shot playing soccer on a dirt lot. And you seem to continue to ignore the fact that almost every time a peace treaty is violated, it's the Israelis doing the violating. And you seem to be continuing to ignore the one-sided body count in this conflict as well.
RTo point out that you believe Obama has a mandate this term.
Perhaps Kucinich can win a senate seat in 2014.
Which describes what most people recognize as today's conservatives perfectly.
I know some of you may believe differently, but it's such a crying shame that Kucinich will lose his seat in January. Cabinet position, perhaps, or is Obama too conservative?
It's so fun keeping this thread title up at the top.
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