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But surely all that money will "trickle down" to the masses from the media that benefited directly from the spending, right? Republicans can just look at this as a supply-side stimulus, akin to a tax break for the rich media companies. Right? RIGHT?
  LOL. Don't expect to get an honest response from him. He's just had his ass (or at least part of it) handed to him on a platter showing exactly how gullible he is, and he's in denial mode.
  Wait, so now you're saying that people voted FOR Obama because they saw a video (a Republican attack piece) that someone else got a free phone! And that more people (people who didn't actually get a free phone themselves) voted for him because of this issue than against him because of this issue?   Seriously!?   You're no MJ, that's for sure.
This column explains this very thread perfectly, as well as life, the universe, and well, uh... everything.   "But most of all, I suspect that the election results must be other-world mortifying to those radical far right Republicans who are so pissed off that everything they stand for has been repudiated. In a terrible economy, with 7.9 unemployment, a $16 trillion national debt and a $1 trillion budget deficit, Barack Obama still beat Republicans and won...
Looks more like a lady who had no clue where her phone really came from, except that it came while Obama was president, which was good enough evidence for her to attribute it to someone she supported anyway.
This lie was debunked in 2009!   http://www.factcheck.org/2009/10/the-obama-phone/   The truth won't stop certain people from latching on to this lie as one of the many reasons Obama won reelection.
Foreign policy, although a thorn in my side, is a secondary issue to me compared to the economy, and especially to defeating the trickle down lie (to which you are a charter subscriber). And I did write in Kucinich. That doesn't mean that I don't care who won in his stead.
I'm totally against Obama's foreign policy. But Romney's certainly would have been worse. That DOESN'T mean that Ron Paul would make a good choice. There are other factors at stake. You know very well that although I'm absolutely relieved that Obama won, I would much have preferred Kucinich, who shares a non-interventionist foreign policy stance with RP.
I really don't understand why on Earth anyone would expect me to prefer "@icloud.com" over "@mac.com" or even "@me.com".
Romney's biggest mistakes were having something so damning about his tax returns that not releasing them at all was the less risky option, never explaining what the unnamed cuts were in R/R economic plan, alienating a majority of every single voter demographic that wasn't white and male and Christian, and lying repeatedly (Jeep, I mean seriously!?) Oh, that, and basically being a douche.
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