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Ignorance abounds. Fact: the countries currently following the most socialist strategies in Europe are thriving. Fact: the countries currently following the most conservative strategies in Europe are collapsing. Denial of these facts just makes you look like you simply don't care what the truth is. You are willfully ignorant.
I'm in favor of regulation, Marv. Without regulation it can be poison because it can be cut with other chemicals or even poisonous herbs. The marijuana plant itself is far, far safer than alcohol, and we saw what happened when they prohibited alcohol.
It'll hit the northeast very soon.
Guys, I know what the Austrian School of Economics is. I know the premise and philosophy. I know the origins. I know the strengths and I know the limitations (do you know the limitations?) I know the modern supporters and I know the modern critics. And I knew all that before I started this thread. Now give me an answer. If the Austrian School is such a great answer, why has it never been put into practice? Why, even in the place of its origin, is an opposite philosophy in...
If you make 1.2 trillion in spending cuts, the deficit will be eliminated, the rich will be able to continue getting richer at an even faster pace, GDP will increase at a faster pace. Per capita GDP will increase... this is the economic theory of the free market capitalists, and I agree with the assessment. But... As a result of massive cuts in social services, health care, housing and education, half (maybe 47%) of the country will be living in poverty and facing...
The biggest problem is the business and war lobbies and what they cost us. Cutting those related expenses to reasonable levels and we'll slash or even eliminate the deficit. I'm talking about things like non-competitive bidding for government contracts. Unnecessary spending for defense. Medicare paying five times as much for drugs compared to what The Canadian government pays for the same drugs, because big pharma has a staff in Washington all earning six figure salaries...
Another thread.
Another thread. Can't you guys even have a normal conversation without starting an argument you see as related? I won't respond to your questions here, bless they are about marina a laws. Start a fckng state vs. federal thread. And learn the difference between a state granted right and a state imposed restriction.
Anything that doesn't involve commerce.
Apparently you're not interested in why or logically how.
New Posts  All Forums: