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Sounds good. Let's hope the anti-tax and trickle down fools don't obstruct.
That sounds fantastic, and unless you believe the trickle down lie, although it won't solve every problem, it's one step that can be taken to close the revenue gap. To anyone except the trickle down folk and "all taxes are evil" folk it looks like a good idea.
Imagine the vitriol and hate the lib'tians would spew if the Austrian School were called the American School. They may even start up a sort of political party whose main message is that any form of social assistance whatsoever is "anti-American". Oh... wait... Meanwhile, the rest of the civilized world isn't clueless. That was the point of this thread.
I guess British humor goes over your head as well. Personally, I adore John Cleese and think Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey are unfunny idiots, but clearly, we have differences.Still, despite your unidimensional irony meter, you don't see the irony in the link I sent in my follow-up where trailer trash (yes) say they are leaving the US and moving to Australia? You don't think there's a connection to your philosophy?
Oh, and MJ, when you preach to trailer trash about the merits of the Austrian School, please make sure they know the difference between Austria and Australia. Not to mention the fact that Austria is a social (read: socialist) democracy. http://www.buzzfeed.com/jwherrman/37-people-who-say-theyre-moving-to-australia-if-o?s=mobile
Clearly the Austrian School skips the lesson on irony. I should have known better than to expect some intelligence on the matter.
Question: If the Austrian school of Economics is so great, why isn't it in practice in Austria?   http://www.aaro.org/aaro-around-the-world/246       That sounds pretty damn close to exactly the system I'm in support of for the US.
****. You mention socialism and some completely ignorant moron talks about Soviet Russia. Inevitable. And it completely explains the idiocy that drives Republican Conservativism.
One of the biggest problems is that by claiming that it's the "more free shit" Democrats that won the election, the Republicans are completely ignoring the large numbers of highly educated, intelligent, fully employed "Krugman Democrats" who look at the trickle down model and recognize failure.
  So you aren't in agreement with the social conservatives that "activist judges" on the Supreme court are a problem? So you do understand now that that's how the system is supposed to work? Or do you think the Executive and Judicial branches have both expanded at the expense of the Legislative? If that's the case, then please explain how Obama has been obstructed so much in the last four years if the Legislative have no power.   Do you think the expansion of the...
New Posts  All Forums: