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Which describes what most people recognize as today's conservatives perfectly.
I know some of you may believe differently, but it's such a crying shame that Kucinich will lose his seat in January. Cabinet position, perhaps, or is Obama too conservative?
It's so fun keeping this thread title up at the top.
They have been cutting spending since before Obama came into office. That's as conservative as it gets, and it's exactly what the conservatives are calling for in the US. But the problem is, those spending cuts made things worse, and now it's too late to avoid anything but more spending cuts and tax increases. Greece had a way out, which would have been to stimulate the economy by empowering the people, not the businesses. Instead, they stifled it. The public is now...
Israel is criminal in its treatment of the Palestinians. They steal their land, bulldoze their houses, and kill their children in defense of their right to do so. Every time a rock is thrown back in defiance, they fire a gun. Any time a gun is fired in defiance, they fire a rocket. Any time a rocket is fired in defiance, they bring in the helicopters.In a karmic next life, you're going to be born as one of the oppressed, and only then will you understand how it feels. The...
Ignorance abounds. Fact: the countries currently following the most socialist strategies in Europe are thriving. Fact: the countries currently following the most conservative strategies in Europe are collapsing. Denial of these facts just makes you look like you simply don't care what the truth is. You are willfully ignorant.
I'm in favor of regulation, Marv. Without regulation it can be poison because it can be cut with other chemicals or even poisonous herbs. The marijuana plant itself is far, far safer than alcohol, and we saw what happened when they prohibited alcohol.
It'll hit the northeast very soon.
Guys, I know what the Austrian School of Economics is. I know the premise and philosophy. I know the origins. I know the strengths and I know the limitations (do you know the limitations?) I know the modern supporters and I know the modern critics. And I knew all that before I started this thread. Now give me an answer. If the Austrian School is such a great answer, why has it never been put into practice? Why, even in the place of its origin, is an opposite philosophy in...
New Posts  All Forums: