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Haven't seen the movie yet, but it was one of my favorite books ever.
The Facebook issue was unrelated and appears to be Server Side. It went away after an hour or so.   My guess is that it was an incompatible Facebook ad that was making the app crash.
"(NSURLErrorDomain error -3001.)(102)"
It doesn't make sense that apple has this huge part of its fan base that can't afford to buy one share. Wouldn't they want to attract more investors, even those who have only a few hundred to invest at a time?
I just wanted to share this: Presenting: Mickey Maul What was your costume this year? Post a pic!
Jeff Buckley
Because they would split it long before that happens.
So did Jelly Bean fix the latency issues that are a main reason Android is such a piece of shit OS? Did Google deliver on their promised low-latency audio, at least?
LOL that article makes absolutely no sense. The iPhone 5 is (soon going to be) available unlocked with LTE, in a form compatible with all US carriers. It's "pure" -- not hobbled with any carrier garbage. Apple can do it. Why can't Google? This article sounds like an excuse.
+1Whatsapp FTW
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