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So did Jelly Bean fix the latency issues that are a main reason Android is such a piece of shit OS? Did Google deliver on their promised low-latency audio, at least?
LOL that article makes absolutely no sense. The iPhone 5 is (soon going to be) available unlocked with LTE, in a form compatible with all US carriers. It's "pure" -- not hobbled with any carrier garbage. Apple can do it. Why can't Google? This article sounds like an excuse.
+1Whatsapp FTW
Can anyone tell me where someone in the Sates can get the absolute best deal on the low-end 2011 iMac?
For the five days in a year that you actually use the drive, you pull it out of the drawer and plug it in, use it, then put it back in the drawer. It causes ZERO clutter 99% of the time.
I've still got the thinnest full-sized iPad ever, yay!
  Apple learned that strategy watching "Game of Thrones" on the upcoming Gen. 4 Apple TV.
  Are you kidding me? You have a 64GB device (or two, as I have) and you want to sync them/restore them/upgrade them, over WiFi, using your ISP data and bandwidth every time you do it?
  When you have 100, or 200, or 500 apps, there's no need to store them on a computer? For when you upgrade, fix your phone or reinstall? That's asinine.
"I had to go home to my laptop and check Google Maps! Why did I upgraded to iOS 6?!?"   Go buy an Android. People who are too retarded to use Google Maps on Safari on their supposed iPhone don't deserve to be Apple users.
New Posts  All Forums: