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Foreign policy, although a thorn in my side, is a secondary issue to me compared to the economy, and especially to defeating the trickle down lie (to which you are a charter subscriber). And I did write in Kucinich. That doesn't mean that I don't care who won in his stead.
I'm totally against Obama's foreign policy. But Romney's certainly would have been worse. That DOESN'T mean that Ron Paul would make a good choice. There are other factors at stake. You know very well that although I'm absolutely relieved that Obama won, I would much have preferred Kucinich, who shares a non-interventionist foreign policy stance with RP.
I really don't understand why on Earth anyone would expect me to prefer "@icloud.com" over "@mac.com" or even "@me.com".
Romney's biggest mistakes were having something so damning about his tax returns that not releasing them at all was the less risky option, never explaining what the unnamed cuts were in R/R economic plan, alienating a majority of every single voter demographic that wasn't white and male and Christian, and lying repeatedly (Jeep, I mean seriously!?) Oh, that, and basically being a douche.
Stupid is thinking that the Greek way is better than the Dutch way.
So according to Trumptman, the auto bailouts were solely for the purpose of "buying" the election. According to him, we should have shut them down and added all those people to the unemployment lines. That would have gone over well! Like BR points out, if you want your party to be competitive, you need a better grasp on reality.
Your economic claims ring terribly flawed when you consider the FACT that the European countries that are in the deepest crisis are the European countries that have gone the "austerity" path. The problem with austerity past a certain point is that once the government stops spending, businesses stop spending, and once businesses stop spending, individuals stop spending. This is exactly what happened in Greece. Forget the fiscal cliff, this is the fiscal brick...
Did or did not the Republicans make a vow to oppose and obstruct? Nothing Obama did was hyperpartisan. No wonder you don't understand how Obama could have won re-election. You've bought into the bullshit just like the majority of the other 50%. Read again. Obama's policies have been center right from the beginning. Presenting a Republican created and decade-long Republican endorsed health care plan instead of public health care option of any sort is not "hyper-partisan"...
I'm absolutely sure the people of Oklahoma or Kentucky would vote to outlaw interracial marriage if put to a vote. Should they have that right? Please explain again why same sex marriage is any different, without reverting to the "definition of marriage" bullshit argument.And I assume you would as vehemently oppose DOMA and other national anti-marriage measures as strongly as you would oppose a "Roe" style legalization?
Exactly.I find it hilarious that people like Newt Gingritch, who has a certain "history" with marriage, declare that same sex marriage will ruin the institution of marriage. Right.Quite to the contrary, I believe same sex marriage will strengthen marriage, as it redeclares that marriage is an act out of love, and not out of duty. Even heterosexual marriage will gain from this.
New Posts  All Forums: