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We all know that no matter how far right Obama goes (and he goes plenty) the obstructionists will oppose him at every turn. This needs to be stopped, and it can only be stopped by the voters. Obama needs to take reasonably centrist policy positions, as he has for four years, and EVERY time there is a Republican filibuster, he needs to go on television and address the public. He needs to state what Congress is trying to do and that they have a majority on this position....
Sorry, my wife won't join.
Switching to widescreen format would be the very opposite of an "improvement".
Looks like measure 30 will pass, thank God. I support prop 38 as well but unfortunately it hasn't a chance in hell the way it's worded.It's likely my daughter will go to UC and I can't afford to pay the $30k per year that Republican "austerity" proponents are pushing on us. The UC system was created in California as a constitutionally guaranteed affordable higher education plan. The Cal State system was constitutionally guaranteed to be free!
Didn't take long, did it?
"By the way, we have to fix that!" -B.O.
Apparently, Fox, NBC, CNN and CBS have called it for Obama. Dems maintain the Senate. Now let's get some fucking work done. Obama doesn't have to pander any more, and the Repubs are almost guaranteed the presidency and control of the Senate in 2016.
Bad news for the Republicans in the Senate races. My, oh my.
The first arrest has been made with regard to voter fraud. An election worker in Oregon was found filling in undeclared ballots for the Republican ticket. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/11/06/oregon-election-worker-fired-for-altering-ballots-to-republican-straight-ticket/
New Posts  All Forums: