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Instead of simply being a dick, why don't you simply correct me if I'm wrong.
The most socialist countries in Europe are not in debt, nor are their people. Hmm... Maybe they're on to something. Of course, they don't run trillion dollar war efforts or allow lobbyists to dictate spending policy.Meanwhile, the best example of free market government in the world is Somalia. I haven't heard much about that country, but I'm sure it must be a nice place.
You don't recognize your party's failures, when they slap you in the face like a helpless bitch that was just asking for it, the way she was dressed. At least something good came out of that slut, she got pregnant (must have wanted it or her body would have 'shut down' the system), and The Lord Jesus can bless this world with a wonderful child. Praise God.
So which one of those is a lie?Now let's see if you can be truthful, shall we?Do we really "know" that Obama "knew" that there was no reactionary mob?Not a lie until we can prove that.We do know that Romney "knew" that Chrysler wasn't moving ANY Jeep production to China. Romney's ad was NOT accurate. Adding a new production line is not "moving" anything. And Romney knew this. And he ran the ad. A lie.
I'm being serious. What did he lie about? Go ahead. Educate me. In all seriousness perhaps I've missed something that's been in the news recently, or even something that hasn't been in the news that shows some proof, and not merely an accusation. In which case I'll humbly concede the point.
What exactly did Obama lie about with regard to Benghazi? Please elaborate. Oh! The emails that New Gingrich was talking about! Now there's a reliable source. I bet those emails will be released any day now... But without those mythical emails, there is no lie (unless there are no emails after all). Just a failed smear campaign.
Because we all know... Europe is such a terrible place to live and work in, especially those Socialist countries like Denmark and the Netherlands! I've lived in the US. I've lived in Europe. I've lived for 17 years in a place with non means-tested free healthcare, no guns, heavily subsidized housing and budget surpluses. And let me tell you, it's clear where the people are the least happy. It's clear which nations are on the downturn.
This. Greece shows evidence that austerity doesn't work, and you guys can't handle that, so you say the Greece policy isn't really austerity.Every news source in the world links Greece with austerity. Look at what they have done in Greece. They have slashed budgets 75%. Doesn't get much more austere than that.
Christ, it's undeniable that the Greek way has been multiple times more austere than other European solutions. Remember Ireland? They were in financial turmoil as well, at the same time Greece was. Greece went the austerity path, and Ireland went the Keynesian path. Greece has been a major clusterfuck, and Ireland has been notably successful. Greece went austere enough to cause rioting and people who can't buy food, and you're saying greece's failure is that it didn't go...
On the contrary, this proves that the Democrats are not simply rubber-stamping the President's policies. They are not acting in a hyperpartisan manner.
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