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Do you think it'd be easy for some pioneering young soul to make it part of the services menu...?
Does the dictionary include a thesaurus? Is it part of the Services menu so that any Services aware app can take advantage of it?
I want to get the SPV C500 phone, which runs Windows and does a whole ton of cool stuff (more details here) on the Orange network in the UK. Can I use iSync to sync the phone with my email or do I need another app so the mac can see it (plugging a friend's SPV C500 into my Mac running 10.3 via USB did diddley squat, although it syncs happily with his XP machine). Thanks in advance folks!
Suitcase = okay FontBook = baaaad FontAgent Pro = good While FontAgent Pro is the best of the three, it's not perfect, but is pretty good. Rock Solid (4756 fonts, around 650MB), good interface and faster than the other two when opening fonts. Comes recommended, because I'm sure FontAgent will only get better. FontBook is a dog.
I just bought TechTool instead as the guy in the shop said that he'd lots of returns of DiskWarrior... good investment, too?
But would Disk Warrior solve this problem? I'd hate to spend $89 for it not to work... Any suggestions?
Don't lecture me on backing stuff up, but I have an external FireWire Hard Drive with important work on that I *have* to get hold of! Running Disk Utility gives me the following error (the disk is partitioned into two drives): Repairing disk for “disk5s9” Volume check failed. Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit (-9972) Repairing disk for “disk5s10” Volume check failed. Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit...
Back in the OS9 days I had a Kritter webcam and used an app that uploaded an image via FTP every five minutes to a website. Is there anything that can use the iSight I recently bought to do the same thing in OS X?
I found an old, fully functioning (as far as I can tell!) USB iRez Kritter webcam. I thought I'd plug it into my G4 running Panther to see what happened. Nothing. Zip. Well not exactly. At first I plugged it into the USB port on my keyboard but I got a warning saying the USB device needed more juice, so I plugged it into my USB hub. Now the blue light is on at the front of the camera and that's it. The reason I'm posting it here is because I expected OSX to do...
What would happen if you had, say, a 100 or 200 items in your pile?
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