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I saw the letter so it was public or does Wall St think public means something else? e.g. their lies?
Apple certainly called their bluff!
its always done that
Thought I'd never here about them again since I put this in my hosts file years ago: mackeeperapp.zeobit.com mackeeperapp.com mackeeperapp3.mackeeper.com The fine is not enough, lock them all up.
Is this the reason why the flipped the direction of the task switcher? Users that previously did commit that to muscle memory now find they need to do the opposite.
Sunday Morning Call - "Hi Jimmy, its Tim here, Apple Music failed and all your ideas are crap so I'm afraid you have to go, I'm glad we gave it a shot but I guess it just wasn't meant to be". Wouldn't be too fussed if he called up Eddy with the same message! Clearly there is anger building within Apple. - Developers getting asked to do dumb things to iTunes and are destroying it in protest. - Lovine wanting to use humans instead of machines for curation, its great to...
Note the discount is a rebate and prepaid card cannot used at an ATM for cash.
Too little too late. They need to refund all the people that paid for repairs while they were denying the issue.
Hope they fixed the Safari back button
The 2.3Ghz is only $1999. Saving $200 for only 0.2Ghz less. Since it turbo boosts its probably unnoticeable. 
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