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They need that in the Santa Monica store cause its ridiculously hot because of the sun coming in the glass front
$375 would have to be a really nice lunch
makes sense because its been hard to find shares to buy lately with so many being bought back
I never lose my phone so can't relate.
no more samsung posts please
I use this simple app that causes zero battery drain: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/load-steps-pedometer-step/id832824907?mt=8 Breeze has a nicer UI but 30MB download for a pedometer I'd be worried it has too much bloat
Passbook support?
Tim Cook has no clue. The reason no one wanted the 5C is it was the same old 5 in a crap plastic case. Nothing to do with fingerprints.
If Fadell & Rodgers had stayed maybe iOS 7 wouldn't have been so shit.
I think ABC can't count, that's one on three.
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