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Hope they fixed the Safari back button
The 2.3Ghz is only $1999. Saving $200 for only 0.2Ghz less. Since it turbo boosts its probably unnoticeable. 
I didn't get a scratch but the screen started separating from the case causing a gap which sand got in, Apple replaced it with a refurb. Unfortunately the front camera is off centre slightly but doesn't affect the picture.
best thing is that documents are files again rather than silly hidden folders
$200 for apple care??
Money shot:  
Ios 7 does have dictation. The new thing is a simple audio message.
Not sure why you call them a "scrappy" carrier because I've been using the t-mobile prepaid $30 plan for several months now and the LTE has been stunning.
They need that in the Santa Monica store cause its ridiculously hot because of the sun coming in the glass front
$375 would have to be a really nice lunch
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