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I use this simple app that causes zero battery drain: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/load-steps-pedometer-step/id832824907?mt=8 Breeze has a nicer UI but 30MB download for a pedometer I'd be worried it has too much bloat
Passbook support?
Tim Cook has no clue. The reason no one wanted the 5C is it was the same old 5 in a crap plastic case. Nothing to do with fingerprints.
If Fadell & Rodgers had stayed maybe iOS 7 wouldn't have been so shit.
I think ABC can't count, that's one on three.
apparently the problem is the lead-free eco soldering. There are services on ebay to get your GPU soldered on with lead and that fixes it.
Big deal, apps are all sandboxed everyone knows that. Security researchers need to up their game with the iPhone cause it protects again many basic programming incompetences like this one.
Can't see any difference in the red on those wallpapers.
The weight difference is negligible, I held it in the store yesterday and it's still a total brick.
Don't see anything wrong with this at all. Their server is a mac which has access to the OS X Messaging framework, which they must have used to register multiple accounts. So the android app sends the message to their OS X server which then sends it on to Apple. Similarly when a message is received by OS X it forwards it on to the users device. The only risk would be if they are storing the login information and not just the sign on tokens but thats the same worry with any...
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