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    sounds like Shih forgot about the Xbox
I was one of the ones who got an iPad 3 with WiFi problems. In the setup Wizard it was unable to connect to my home WiFi and had to finish the setup with iTunes. Then when trying to connect to WiFi in Settings it would either fail to show any networks, or it would connect but then 10 seconds later disconnect. Then more seriously, after 3 attempts to reconnect the iPad would kernel panic and reboot. Luckily I use Xcode so was able to confirm the WiFi failure by looking at...
The photo library has always been readable. What the guy has done has written an app that makes use of the background location mode that enables the app to run in the background constantly (although at a significant battery cost), and monitors the photo dir for new photos. It's pretty convoluted to say by uploading the photos you can extract the location information from the geotagged photos. Since the app is runing in background location mode, it is SUPPOSED to have...
how about a vote on giving us a dividend??
its because the camera is a higher res and people are uploading massive photos
rejecting 900 mil then turning off hash match instant upload, 2 major mistakes in my mind...
I have a similar problem that apple support hasn't been able to fix for me either. my iTunes purchase apple id is myname. My iCloud account is myname@me.com. In the process of trying to fix something I changed the myname's account primary email to something different and now it won't let me change it back because they say myname@me.com is another apple id now. So now I can't get my purchase receipts or apple store purchases to my me.com email address! How dumb!
dunno who told you that but it's wrong.
yeh change the title apple insider you look very silly. It's just deprecated meaning it can still be used for OS 5, and might never be killed.
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