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haha Front Row bombed man
11% YoY growth in China though!!! :-)
next google will be shutting off search!
Readster is the best app
stock manipulation so easy nowadays with unverified blogs
You can use pre paid AT&T, it's called Go Phone.
You can use pre paid AT&T, it's called Go Phone. How do you quote?
B&H don't charge sales tax in CA? If so thats a huge 9% discount compared to MacMall.
    sounds like Shih forgot about the Xbox
I was one of the ones who got an iPad 3 with WiFi problems. In the setup Wizard it was unable to connect to my home WiFi and had to finish the setup with iTunes. Then when trying to connect to WiFi in Settings it would either fail to show any networks, or it would connect but then 10 seconds later disconnect. Then more seriously, after 3 attempts to reconnect the iPad would kernel panic and reboot. Luckily I use Xcode so was able to confirm the WiFi failure by looking at...
New Posts  All Forums: