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Me too
wifi apps are allowed again! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wifif...380868598?mt=8
Does anyone use Visual Studio? It runs like a dog on both Fusion and Parallels.
At the Stanford presentation he actually he said he worked in the team that developed Remote. Team generally doesn't equate to one person :-p
Doesn't work. Mobile safari errors with "cannot install profile", "due to unknown error".
100% fake you can see another iphone connected by usb behind the monitor.
Right on, thanks for slapping him!
Maybe Nvidia just gave the code or some implementation details to Apple to call their own to avoid any further licensing issues between Intel and Nvidia? And also seal the GPU deal.
No need to lie to the guy. The 2.4Ghz has been used in Macbooks since 2007 it's hardly new!!!! But it will do him fine its a decent machine. Just ordered the 2.4 13" for my dad too actually.Edit: oh you meant the i5 is new, yes, but he was asking about the 2.4ghz core 2 duo in the 13".
I suppose I am too. Since Nvidia aren't allowed to make chipsets for i5/i7 the alternative would have been an i5 with the Intel 4500HD which would have been a severe downgrade from the 9400M as it is meant to be twice as slow. The new 320M is meant to be 80% faster than the 9400M and uses 40% less power wow. I hope Nvidia win in the courts so we can see an i5 with 320M 13" soon.
New Posts  All Forums: