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its because the camera is a higher res and people are uploading massive photos
rejecting 900 mil then turning off hash match instant upload, 2 major mistakes in my mind...
I have a similar problem that apple support hasn't been able to fix for me either. my iTunes purchase apple id is myname. My iCloud account is myname@me.com. In the process of trying to fix something I changed the myname's account primary email to something different and now it won't let me change it back because they say myname@me.com is another apple id now. So now I can't get my purchase receipts or apple store purchases to my me.com email address! How dumb!
dunno who told you that but it's wrong.
yeh change the title apple insider you look very silly. It's just deprecated meaning it can still be used for OS 5, and might never be killed.
Have you considered that the only troll here is yourself?
i got it to appear once (its a white dot you can move around) but no idea what I tapped to make it appear.
I tried out these notifications, I don't like them. ITs annoying you can't dismiss them from the lock screen, and even after you read the message it stays on the lock screen.
its no where near retina because a 300ppi Pen Tile is equivalent to a 200ppi IPS. It's because IPS has an RGB pixel i.e. 3 colours in the pixel, however pen tile only has 2 colours in each pixel (either RG or GB) to save battery, but results in the jaggy blurred text you see on all samsung and htc android phones.
New Posts  All Forums: