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It would be nice to see apple insider ignore the ad bait news for a change.
That guy is all over the place, saying random different numbers every day is a sure way to lose credibility in an already sketchy profession.
Apple sold 1.5 million 3GS in its first week. Nexus sold 20,000. Yeh man great success. You want the iphone like windows are you mad???
no chance apple arent stupid.
Scrolling tables using the back will be cool. Swiping the back to go back in navigation controllers will be cool. Tapping the back to go home and removing the need for the home button will be cool. Can't wait!
dell already have i7 in the studio 15" so I think the MBP could be i7 too.
Those are standard interative improvements and not ground breaking. How apple moved ahead with the first finger based phone operating system, fast and a great experience, proper internet browser, syncing and shopping experience as easy as the familar ipod. No one else has come close yet, Nokia are still resistive (can't do multitouch), Android is a hacked together clunky badly designed slow UI. Mobile hardware is good enough now, now it is all about the user experience of...
I thought it wasn't supposed to have HTC written on it, but its on the back. How is this google phone any different from the G1,G2 etc... BBC were saying Google have entered the hardware market with the Nexus, but it seems to me they have just remarketed the latest android hardware by HTC, and nothing has really changed. Confusing the market is not the way to increase sales.
Cause it is not a CRT
bigger speakers you say? I tried the 27" in the shop and the volume was half as loud as the 24", was very similar to the crap speakers on the 24" LED display. Disappointing.
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