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bigger speakers you say? I tried the 27" in the shop and the volume was half as loud as the 24", was very similar to the crap speakers on the 24" LED display. Disappointing.
So what is different with this from ad hoc mode (IBSS) that has been in WiFi since the beginning? I could speculate but I'd rather know the truth thanks...
I think it is pretty shocking of Apple to sell inferior glare screens and then charge $50 for matte which they now call anti-glare. I expect we will see $50 anti-glare screens across the range soon.
Opening old projects is fine but this is true for if you create a new project in b3, only 3.0 is available even if you try to set the Base SDK to 2.2.1. However a work around is if you open the .pbxuser file inside the .xcodeproj bundle file (right click show pacakage contents) and replace 3.0 with 2.2.1 in the activeSDKPreference setting you can get it to work and the old simulator is still there.
Can you please clarify what you mean by this?
Matte might have been worth the compromise of no-LED and MVA...but it's useless glossy
Exactly what I was thinking.
Navizon has a locate by SMS feature for the jailbreak version in Cydia. Pretty similar to this.
The NicePlayer borderless UI is amazing and I'm glad Apple have based the new Quicktime app on that. http://code.google.com/p/niceplayer/
If a netbook could play xvid without dropping frames I might buy one, but I tried it on a friends and it can't. Thats the only thing I miss on my iPhone, I just can't be bothered waiting 30 mins to encode an xvid to h264 all the time. If there is anything else I can't do I just VNC using the Jaadu app to my home iMac and that works great over 3G wherever I am.
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