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the headline says "Apple avoids $94M patent infringement suit leveled by patent troll GPNE" and then the "article" starts: "Apple on Wednesday came out unscathed from a patent suit . . ." hey, appleinsidersucks, please learn the meaning of the word "avoid".
best known to me for his role in "the machinist" ... an amazing actor and the reason i'll see the movie.
is that in the filings, or is that something ai dreamed up because ai is interested in it and wants the government to be interested in it, too?
in february of last year i started getting spam to the email address that i used just for dropbox. an email address that was unique to dropbox; an email address that only they had ever known about; an email address that was in its own mail subdomain. i contacted them several times using several different methods and never heard a peep from them. that's when they lost me as a customer. zero customer service. and now their employees are arguing with kids over use of a...
seems to me that when in bankruptcy, and having your obligations and claims against you excused, that part of it should include you losing your right to sue others. if they do go after apple post-bankruptcy then i hope apple drives them further into the ground.these guys sound like complete and utter assholes and i wouldn't be surprised if they're cutting off their nose (closing the plants) just to spite their face (to hurt apple or make it look bad).i'd start by...
how's about we all lobby the card issuers to strengthen their security so that i don't have to spend my time compensating for their lax security?
so even he doesn't know what he's working on?
Your use of the word "then" here, to join the two thoughts about jobs' resignation and his death, implies that his death is something steve consciously chose to do."he consciously decided to resign", then "he consciously decided to die". and i imagine that couldn't be further from the truth.
no chords, eh? gee, and i had a circle already marked out ...
HeavingBeasts says it best at http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/sep/25/skinny-jeans-ruin-iphone-wallet-sperm-problems
New Posts  All Forums: