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it's a lot less than 800 pounds. it's a gorilla air.
take that china ... you just got shot down!jhc, dilger, what are you, seven years old?
yay, apple!
befitting of. ala. too bad there's no-one around to proofread your writing. but, as mikey campbell says, "I can't."
what's the invitation for the announcement going to say? i'm going with "it's about time".
what a great idea. i've already ported one number away from my at&t family account to another carrier so that line is able to take advantage of better coverage in the area it's used, and for better pricing for better service. i'm waiting until the 3rd or 4th of july -- the end of my billing cycle -- to port my remaining two numbers to t-mobile. i'll do the test drive for a few days just to see if there are any negatives ... but unless the thing burns down my house i...
no it doesn't. it says it's "slowly losing share".i guess if proofreading is too tedious for mikey campbell, it's way out of the question for the esteemed ded.if anyone knows anything about trading credibility for click-bait traffic, it's ded.
we don't need no stinkin copy editors.
huh? don't let pesky little facts get in the way of your "reporting"."Personally, I would like nothing more than to thoroughly proof each and every word of my articles before posting. But I can't." -- appleinsider's mike campbell, august 15, 2013i guess mr. oliver is a protege.
acquitted? was this a criminal trial?
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