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riiiiiight. won't believe it even if dick costolo his bad self writes that down in front of me and pinkie swears it.
"Personally, I would like nothing more than to thoroughly proof each and every word of my articles before posting. But I can't."appleinsider's mike campbell, august 15, 2013it's as true now as it was then.
if the agreement wasn't in the best interests of gt then responsibility for acceptance of that agreement should fall on the shoulders of the management team. do those guys take responsibility for anything (other than making sure their stock trades were executed)?
y'all ain't seen nothin', yet ...
says the guy with eleventy-billion cctv cameras pointed at him right now? (i'm not disagreeing with your statement, mind you ... just pointing out a tad bit of irony. i never feel more watched or invaded than when i visit london.)
i wish someone at appleinsider would learn the definition of "flagship". seems every article that mentions an apple store includes the word.
i sure wish someone at appleinsider could learn to consistently write coherent sentences and paragraphs. the run-on paragraph above is confusing. what is it you guys do for a living? oh, right, sell ads ... à la google. got it.
it didn't take the microsnot product placements to make under the dome a horrible show ... it did that all on its own.
write and post, according to appleinsider's mike campbell.
interesting. every day the amount of input that goes into my phone via speech-to-text increases. it seems i use the keyboard more for correcting speech-to-text than anything else. what's the quality of blackberry's speech-to-text? do they even have the function?
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