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oh, bullshit.
non-compete clauses are generally illegal in california ... not sure about elsewhere.(full disclosure: i am not a lawyer, and i did not stay at a holiday inn express last night.)
facebook is a better home for the NSA, too.
i'm sure the 150,000-250,000 people vaporized and countless others burned and maimed and wounded appreciate that.
one of the differentiators i first noticed betwixt ms and apple was that ms announced products and shipped them 'later this year' or 'next year'. apple announced products and shipped them immediately or very soon after announcement. that's still true. i think the original iphone was the first time i noticed a significant gap between announce and ship for an apple product, and justifiably so, imho. ms should change their corporate slogan to "coming soon ..."
i've been buying apple products for almost 30 years. since 1998 i've spent almost $40,000 at apple ... i spend money with them every single year. where's my loyalty reward?
the state ordered that construction be stopped and that the barge be moved or face penalties. the state did not order the barge to be towed to stockton, just that it be moved.... and, according to other more reliable reports not written by ded, the city of stockton has received no request for the barge to be berthed there. and you need permission to do that. so google does not yet have the permits for stockton, either.great photos by the way: "(above, with the...
Beckham's deal with samsung went from about may, 2011 through the end of 2012. a year later he's spotted with an iphone and that's considered a disaster? that's stretching it, even for applerumourmonger.com
i'm not particularly happy about the entire board, either, but i don't have a big enough piggy bank to buy more shares and vote them out. all i can do is vote my shares.plus, i trust apple and the board more than i trust any other company in the known universe (and that includes the pleiades system).
most admired but not even in fortune's top 100 best companies to work for ...
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