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"people rule"? it would be nice if you actually believed that, paypal. but you don't. you proved that when you stopped accepting donations on behalf of wikileaks. eff you.
noticed that the u.s. apple store finally came [back] up. placed my order. took all of about 45 seconds. what an incredibly frustrating experience to have gone through "we'll be right back" for 2 1/2 hours.
arrghhh. i had my two in my cart. went to check out and the "we'll be back" sign came up. this is my fifth year doing this; probably the worst experience thus far.
i wonder if sometime [quite] a ways down the road i'll be able to designate that a particular card or cards should only be able to be used if they are presented via Pay?
right. as i understand it Pay at its simplest is just another, ostensibly easier and more secure, way of presenting your payment info to the merchant.
fraud may be reduced and fraud prevention costs may be reduced but i'm highly skeptical that any of the resulting savings would ever be passed back to the consumer.
perhaps "appleinsider staff" includes mikey campbell. he says he wishes he could proofread his writing, but he says he can't. i'd guess that all of appleinsider staff "can't".
u2 wanted access to apple's product development process? i wonder what that was all about . . .
sounds like you have some good criteria for a search of the interwebs.this is what i quickly found: http://www.macrumors.com/2014/01/27/apple-earnings-q1-2014/"Nothing specific to announce today but you can tell by looking at the demographics of our customers and the amount of commerce that goes through iOS devices versus the competition, there is a big opportunity on the platform. "let us know what you find.
so now the rumours, on the apple rumour site, are unpleasant? or do you just not know what the word "din" actually means?
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