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so even he doesn't know what he's working on?
Your use of the word "then" here, to join the two thoughts about jobs' resignation and his death, implies that his death is something steve consciously chose to do."he consciously decided to resign", then "he consciously decided to die". and i imagine that couldn't be further from the truth.
no chords, eh? gee, and i had a circle already marked out ...
HeavingBeasts says it best at http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/sep/25/skinny-jeans-ruin-iphone-wallet-sperm-problems
my only question on this whole thing is "why has someone with far superior photoshop skills than i not yet posted an image of bender bending rodriguez and an iphone 6?"
i carry my iphone 6 in my front right pants pocket all the time (that pocket was also home to my 5s, 5, 4s, 4, and 3gs). it's in that pocket quite a bit throughout the day. i take it out some here and there to - you know - use it. i sit. i stand. i walk. my iphone 6 is fine. i have a friend (just the one). they do the same thing with their iphone 6. their iphone 6 is just fine, too. mine did make a weird noise for a while. but that was someone calling me. who...
"Maps app debacle" the only folks calling it a debacle are the press and trolls and trolls in the press. do you even know what the word debacle means? can you send a "reporter" over to cover the story that is the few issues i still have with google maps. i loathe google and surely those issues, too, are a debacle? appleinsider is more of a debacle than the apple maps app ever was.
try reseating the sim. (pop it out and then back in.)
so apple isn't innovating. someone please tell me who *is*?
"people rule"? it would be nice if you actually believed that, paypal. but you don't. you proved that when you stopped accepting donations on behalf of wikileaks. eff you.
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