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and Apple gets one step closer in their testing to opening up Touch ID more broadly than it already is
hideous or not for fitness basis and garmin are the ones to beat. AppleWatch is still much lacking. basis had only two issues for me, no swim tracking and no HealthKit. One issue down and they acknowledge they are aiming to solve swim. if garmin would add HealthKit perfect. they already have swim sorted. maybe apple beats them to it, in which case I go apple watch. the race is on!
Ping was not good. What could be good is if this acted to make your media library dynamic. So it isn't just that you have some Bjork albums but that when you are looking at your collection by artist there is your music and there is stuff from Bjork, tours, news about a new app. This could be good if Apple convinces the labels and independents that this is a a personalized marketing channel. What better way for me to know if someone who's music I bought is launching a...
Best way to double down on secrecy is to limit who knows what is going on. It does also create some issues but true or not Apple feels the Apple Watch to be their most important (by which I assume them to mean, risky) product release ever. By V2 it won't matter anymore and all will be churning along
true enough, never been so happy to ha e missed a product, will wait for V2 now and hopefully by then they understand how to manufacture them smoothly
Yeah my thoughts exactly. I am bottom of the barrel as a swimmer and my morning routine when I was able to be into it last year was a bit more than 1200m in half an hour, so this guy was probably only in the water for 15min.Personally I have always thought Apple's main resistance to water proofing hasn't been a lack of care or lack of tech in protecting things from water rather that the devices don't work properly wet, such as the touch screen or in this case the heart...
I think the first is subjective so best to leave it alone. as for a text message, so if I take a photo (on my phone), the next thing I want to do instead of texting said photo is to sync that photo to my watch then stuff about on the watch..what a waste of time.if I had a folder of um, okay let me think about a real usage case here... business forms, nah should be in PDF. house photos as an agent or something I am trying to sell.. wouldn't the interested party already...
totally, in Australia it would work pretty much everywhere from the biggest stores down to the local family corner store. the only time it doesn't is if the place still has an old reader, which you do find here and there with the little guys.
and who wrote this report? anyone from FTC confirmed it? Or has it been fed into the media by.. Oh I don't know, Spotify?
"The decision to include support comes down to store owners, who must work on the backend with card processing companies and credit card networks." What the?? The opposite is true. If the location already has NFC capable terminals that are activated - the only time the store has to meddle with the backend is to block transactions. You don't include support, you have to remove support. Too much of this ApplePay business in the USA reads like the articles back when the...
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