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this is as a result of Telstra previously offering Beats Music subscriptions under their own labelling and having that service shut down by Apple / Beats
 Exactly, which is why I held off and switched from being on the non S cycle to the S cycle. In my mind it is where you get the phone Apple were wanting to make with the new body but couldn't manage it technically at the time. The Non-S is where they roll out new manufacturing, the S is for rolling out new technology
i am surprised that the readers are not owned by the bank like they are in Australia and so given for free (for a small rental) but I confirm that is what I observed in the USA as well
of course the small American retailers are not already there in droves, that is because of the issue with upgrading terminals. any electronic payment point you order from a bank in Australia comes ready for it, the only barrier to any retailer accepting Apple Pay here is a phone call to the bank saying they want a new terminal I clarify, from my trip to the USA last year I noticed that a) even pay by card swipe was far from universal with even visa/MasterCard not always...
maybe the waves are showing a new flooring approach by Apple that makes the stores more physically demanding and supportive of their whole fitness is important angle
Easiest and most genuine way to diversify your workforce. Easiest because if you open up where the minority is a majority then you hire the majority. Genuine because pretending skin color equals diversity when they all grew up in the same cities with the same culture and went the same universities popping out with the same brains. This will build real diversity into the world view of Apple. More such places, for all parts of the company, in more countries.
 Rest of the world isn't very accurate  In Australia the contactless transaction limit is variable based on the vendor's arrangement with their payment processor. And by limit I mean without any further verification. If the amount is higher further verification is required and then it is via PIN and that does not happen with the card anywhere near the terminal. Signatures are finished here and on the way out in the USA as well
Bring it Especially smoothing the interaction of security between devices. One thing to note if you haven't experienced it yet. The tie in of security and Apple ID means - If for some reason you need to change your Apple ID, not a new account, but change your existing account and you have a bunch of devices then get ready for an evening of IT over a few beverages of your choice. You have to disable all iCloud stuff and sign out of everything on everything so that none...
the next best thing is its clean and elegant styling made possible by removing what isn't needed and hiding all the things that make it smartI think if Jony Ive secretly studies any other smart watch this would be the one
hang on, are you saying that if a person has Match and Music then they can download from Music and it will be DRM free???Surely not, otherwise I might just take that 3 month trial and raid the place
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