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I think the non-existent quote you are looking for would beHenry Ford once said, "If I'd have asked customers what they wanted, they wouldn't have said...a newspaper."
geez with that sort of return, may as well keep it in the bank if it weren't for CPI
Part of the discrepancy might come from the survey looking at US users versus global users and potentially from tech savvy people. I think for me the take away numbers here are Apple's own. 20% of 11 million switched off. 11 million out of 500 million Apple ID... It is sad I think. Streaming music is about the passed, the back catalog of the world's music and about the labels trying to extract cents worth of value out of something that is basically regardless of the...
While I agree with him I also think that he, like us, does not realize what is happening behind the scenes. Apple I suspect is well aware of the huge limitations with public Siri and they are intentional. For one they want what it does do to work, not just pretend it can do everything and suck at it,; for two Apple is improving what is does do steadily; so that for three they will release a much more capable version of Siri based on all the research they are doing on...
My Apple TV isn't defective, she has personality.. come Sally we must find a place where people will let you be you
I think you will be waiting forever if you hope the device has "Air" in the name
read some of the other posts made about Alpine Ridge.also, buy her a Apple reconditioned MBP13" with retina.. better in all ways than the Air
from the look of things, the MacBook now has a bezel similar to a MBP, while the Air has more.. that said the 15" is 15.4" so you only need half an inch more space, diagonally speaking.. and I would suggest there is at least an inch available.I suppose it will depend on engineering things mostly, such as strength of the lid, or stability of the glass or other subtle reasons than purely space
isn't that the point of the Alpine Ridge controller though, which is alleged to be available in September and would give Apple all the puzzle pieces to implement USB3.1/TB3 through a USBC port? I'm not sure but does one controller only allow for one of these ports?the question then is how many lanes of PCIe and board space for controllers Apple wants to assign to these ports.
 The Macbook Air is only hanging around to offer the low price point until the Macbook can drop in price and up in performance. The Air is playing the role that the Macbook did when the Air was first released. By 2017 there will be no Air when the CPU in the Macbook is ramped enough to not matter (for the intent of the device). SkyLake and the new Macbook's engineering will be used to reinvent the Macbook Pro for 2016 with 4 ports of TB3/USBC and larger 14" and 16" screens...
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