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Groan   6.5% of Americans have an American Express card, so it likely lower in Australia...   great success, not.   Of course in Australia it lets them bypass the banks and gives them a teeny bit of traction to keep ApplePay adoption growth growing
Not so, you can place the lighting port on the side of the device. You could even use a clever little covering plate that detects the approach of the Lightning connector and slides away revealing the port
I agree and I wonder if they speed charge with a 12w Apple charger.I also wonder when that charger would be in use, probably at night when it is also expected to charge the iPhone.While I appreciate the notion, once we get to wall wart required, why not the Apple battery charger - I have one and it is minimal and excellent and the only reason I can see...is that these are half way devices, the way that Apple does and that in 3 years we will have no lightning ports and...
Form and Function in balance is beauty, especially if we are putting forward Apple's aesthetic as the example.Can the keyboard still be in use, yes, can the trackpad, yes. can the mouse no...okay, so charge it when not in use.Do the USB ports on the iMac, MacMini and laptop range provide power of the machine is powered down.No.. so when do I change the mouse? When the computer is in use, or I have it on intentionally and am not using it soas to charge the mouse.It would...
that ill fitting piece of sack cloth, nah he grabbed it from the bargain bin
 I would say K-Mart dressed and the worst part, the absolute clanger for me - the positioning of his right hand with the ultra thin sliver of white showing, it is nasty and distracting - what kind of amateur photographer did they hire for this gig. His expression is also too blank, he really isn't into it. The others have that practiced art form of too good for you blank. Actually glad that Ives is unable to look like that.
I don't care if this is seen as racist but I specifically do not download apps from Chinese developers, Only Asian developers I would trust are Japanese. Beyond that I first check to see if the Dev even has a web presence, are they reputable, what other apps have they created.I realise this kind of behaviour is well beyond most iOS owners but seriously... would you trust the names of some of the developers and some of the types of apps on the AppStore, as for Chinese.. ha,...
 I have been thinking about the same thing and Apple doesn't need to open a bank. All they need is to team with Visa and offer a virtual co-branded debit card that drops into Wallet and links through to the person's iTunes account acting as a tunnel. So it is like buying through iTunes basically.
Totally, I have purchased anti glare matte screen covers for both my MacBook Pro and iPhone that I got this year. Installed them before even turning on the devices.. best thing I ever did, so much better to look at, less eye strain and easier to clean.In particular this is the first time I've had an iPhone with NO fingerprints and weird oily smears.. one wipe and done. I wish I had considered matte for iPhone before.
so not even PCIe, these new 21" really are pig with lipstick probably because the lipstick costs so much. I suppose the good thing is that by doing this they will increase volume and maybe in another two years even the 21" will have useful components
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