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The article could also benefit from mentioning that contrary to reasonable practice Apple only gives you 5 gig free no matter how many devices you buy from them which makes the hassle free backup idea break pretty much instantly.
Sends MacPro to Colorwafe, gets red MacPro for 50k cheaper
Depends, it would probably work on its side, but convection would not be so great as vertical. Vertically, you could build a slide rail bracketed tray, MacPro at front with a RAID beside it and a UPS conditioner behind the pair of them. That would be about a half rack width
The presentation was quite clear on the PCIe drive being user replaceable, the way it is fitted makes it pretty obvious and if that does not convince you then the tech specs on the Apple website also say it. I just find it a bit unfortunate that the three boards, CPU and GPU can't easily swap out.
@ StephanJobs   The copy paste disappearing cursor has been a real grinder.
No one is talking about channel bonding. Very significant tidbit they dropped there
@hill60 It is not the hourly rate that matters. It is the buying capacity of that money. As in how many hours does a person have to work to pay the rent, get food etc. Beyond that it only bites when you shift countries, tourists for example. That $11 is sorta going to get you $13 or so in Australia. Now you are in a right pickle cause the sandwich maker across the counter earns $20 to get out of bed and your sandwich is going to cost you an hour, when back home it would...
Gwmac, I am going to go all out and say that the base price of the MacPro $1500. Corrections, I did actually, which surprised me since I am in a small town in the middle of Australia, about as far away from the target market for a MacPro. The movie was kick ass 2.
What is strange about the naming convention is not the S, it is having any number at all. iMacs are iMacs, you don't have an iMac 9s. If Apple was to truly follow its simplicity, then there would just be an iPhone and there would be three models of it, good, better, best. Since this guy worked on the iMac branding it is a complete mystery why he didn't say this.
1997 Loewe Xelos @media Everything is obvious Link http://www.grandproductscompany.com/prod/brands/loewe/prod/xelos_5970_tv_o_details.asp
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