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Apple already has patents on using finger prints on the touch screen to allow individual apps to be locked unless touched by the right finger (like a child lock) and also for different finger prints to open the app for the user, such as presenting different mail accounts (multi user)these guys obviously have supporting patents to achieve Apple's existing patents.this idea has been brewing for a long time and forms part of Apple's multi user approach.I've been noticing...
http://www.theverge.com/2015/6/23/8830029/eternify-spotify-loop-paymentsincludes a price point and also spotify's own assessment range of what they pay.
so Apple is paying 3 times as much as Spotify... you'd be mad to keep doing business with Spotify wouldn't you.
well, I hope it stays at $25 a year instead of $120 a year.that said, it is now buried on the website under Apple Music.. all the way down the page and under iTunes and then down.... and click againso I am not hoping for great things, how sad
I seriously hope not :(((((((((((((((((((((((((( Why would I pay $10 USD a month to access my own purchased music collection across all my devices Apple's music library doesn't include everything that I have, i will tell you that much and they lose rights to tracks and whole albums. I learnt that the hard way when I tried to re-download an album i had purchased from iTunes only to discover 3 of the tracks gone. Now even though I use iTunes Match I have all the...
 Interestingly on the Australian Apple site it deals with the issue by simply saying "coming soon"
Doesn't Spotify pay 0.005 or something per song? Apple is paying 0.2 Wow, would not want to be Spotify at the moment, Apple could be aiming to put them out of business simply by paying more the labels more than they could ever afford.
it did by default backup your photos though
actually that is exactly what it is. in fact I've been handed a new iPhone at the Genius Bar and before I left the Apple Store had a device configured same I walked in withwhen I upgraded to a 5s all I did was log in via iCloud and everything restored.it is excellent, only exception I have turned off photos in backup, it causes backup to fail. iCloud Photos photo steam or whatever the f it is called is crap and I've turned it off as well.. i do not need every graphic I...
and it is British, isn't it? what chip rules the new personal computing universe of phones and tablets?ARM
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