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I think Google certainly knows how many devices query the Play Store every month, they just choose not to report that number.What is your basis for saying that ICS users are more likely to use Play?
Considering that the jailbreak has only been available for a few days, I'd say it's quite impressive.   My real point was to challenge the stereotype I see constantly on here - that most Android users are borderline autistic anti-social nerds who just hack their phones all day, while iOS users aren't interested in any of that. It's just not supported by evidence.
Today's iPhone reported that over 1.2 million iOS users have jailbroken their devices. So, apparently, a not insignificant number of iOS users want to customize their devce as well. Could we please stop the stereotyping?http://www.todaysiphone.com/2012/05/more-than-1-2-million-ios-devices-jailbroken-using-absinthe-2-0/
Actually, wouldn't it depend on the algorithm in question? Not all tasks can be parallelized. Amdahl's law bites.
A very interesting rumor. I can see why Google (and several of their users) would love to see Chrome on iOS. But given Apple's limitations for third-party apps, I wonder how crippled it would be. A few questions: * Could Chrome for iOS use its own WebKit, or would it have to use Apple's? * Could it use its own v8 Javascript engine? * Could it be made the default browser? * How well could background-sync'ing work, given Apple's restrictions on background...
There's a little more information on their new Atom SoCs here: http://semiaccurate.com/2012/05/11/intel-outs-merrifield-and-6331/
Intel has teased some specs for the next Atom SoC, the Z2580. It's supposed to be dual-core at 1.3 GHz (bursting to 1.8 GHz), with an SGX 544MP2 GPU at 533 MHz. It'll still be on the 32nm process, though. Anandtech did a writeup a few months ago: http://www.anandtech.com/show/5592/intel-atom-z2580-z2000
  Yes, and that's a good thing. Too often, the tone on here is shrill, close-minded, and in many cases hateful. It's one thing to have an opinion. It's something else entirely to attack others constantly for having a different opinion. Unfortunately, too many commenters here do that.
  Yes, as we've said numerous times now, if you want to use a third-party market, then you have to enable it in the settings. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here.   Just to clarify -- "drive-by downloads" doesn't mean that the app is actually installed. The user is still prompted to manually install the app.   But to make a broader point -- I find it curious that the Apple enthusiasts here scream and yell so much about Android malware. Seriously -- the very...
  This is wrong on several points.   No one is locked into anything. By default, Android devices only allow apps to be installed from the Google Play Store (or the Amazon App Store, in the case of the Kindle Fire). This is, in part, a security feature. However, if a user wants to install apps from other sources, they can go to Settings -> Security and check "Unknown sources." So it's up to the user. Regarding alternate markets, there is no evidence that the Amazon App...
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