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It looks like this replaces Newsstand, as Newsstand hasn't been present in either of the previous two betas. I would imagine content within Newsstand will now be treated as normal apps, as it always should have been.
 So you prefer the European singers, then?
The utility of the font is certainly debatable, but stating a personal preference of appearance as fact has always been a pet peeve of mine. It doesn't look as nice to you, but that doesn't mean someone else doesn't think it's the most beautiful font in the world. We still don't know for sure what will happen with it until tomorrow. Perhaps they are switching over to this font as their new "corporate" font for everything, maybe they are just highlighting it because of the...
Fair enough, and it's good there are many alternatives out there for cases such as yours where another service would be better.
I agree, that's a plus, but Google does as well to a point. To quote their press release: "We maintain the original resolution up to 16MP for photos, and 1080p high-definition for videos" Yes, that's a limitation, but seeing as how my phone has an 8MP camera, and our DSLR has a 16MP sensor, this is of little issue, and will be for 99% of people using services like this.
And you get infinity terabytes for free on Google Photos. Flickr is a respectable service, but it has been surpassed, and no amount of free storage is going to change that.
I had a similar reaction. I will go see this because the source material (the man, not the book) greatly interests me, but I expect this to be one of those movies that tries to be Oscar worthy, but gets about a 60-70% on Rotten Tomatoes. Basically, good, not great. I think with a better book as the source material, it really could have taken off, but oh well.
To those who swear off Google and everything they offer, my only question is, why? There has never been an issue of a mass data breach, and they don't even sell your information. Your information stays private with Google, and they sell ad space and match ads to your demographic themselves. And if it's an issue of NSA, etc., then 1) you think way too highly of yourself if you think the NSA is singling you out and tracking you individually, 2) you're naive to think that if...
The struggle is real. I feel so terrible for you that you have to suffer through the agony of lossy audio. Those of us who are "fake" music lovers with our disgusting lossy audio are so inferior to your superhuman ears. Seriously, "audiophiles" and "PC gamers" need to stop it with these delusions of grandeur and realize they aren't better than other people just because they can't properly deal with the epitome of first-world problems. If you are such the audiophile that...
Better to under-promise and over-deliver. I'd much rather have an order expected for May come in April than an order expected in April be backordered to May.
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