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Just like the 5 was WAY too similar to the 4S.....
You've clearly never used Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, et al, have you?
Why do people still think iTunes is DRM? Music has been non-DRM for nearly 10 years now!
 So it's impossible for something to be both thin AND solid? I think the iPad Air, iPod touch, and MacBook Air would disagree with you.
I don't think that word means what you think it means.
I don't know, I think people that, you know, own Apple stock would have a pretty good reason to wonder about it.
Right, because these guys are only smart when they're at Apple. Forstall was a mainstay on the NeXT team. Ron Johnson is the reason Target is where it is today. Tony Fadell is arguably one of the more innovative minds in technology right now. Apple hires smart people because they are smart, they don't instantly become smart once at Apple.
Interesting. How did the update data itself cause your data overage, since the update will ONLY download over WiFi?
SShoot, I've been doing that since my original iPhone! Got my first one in 2007 for a birthday gift, and have sold my current and bought new every upgrade. I haven't paid for my actual phone for over 6 years!
My thoughts exactly. If I'm looking for subscription options, I can't see anything pulling me from Rdio or Spotify. Spotify has some great features, but the better design and $5/month student rate for Rdio unlimited is hard to beat
New Posts  All Forums: