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Then why were you even making the argument that you couldn't do it in the first place?! Trolls and idiots will never cease to amaze me...
Wrong. Just turn AirPlay on and go about your business on your phone. Just don't close the app completely, let it run in the background. Works like a champ!
How do we know they do? Because some rumors have been floating around and sources have been leaking potentially fake information? Nothing has been said about anything, and until Apple confirms the acquisition, I will take any information regarding the purchase with a huge grain of salt.
As amusing as the Samsung bubble bursting is to watch, calling this a quarterly loss is quite a bit of a stretch. They did still manage to make $8.2 BILLION (with a B).   Quarterly drop YoY =/= Quarterly loss
Just like the 5 was WAY too similar to the 4S.....
You've clearly never used Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, et al, have you?
Why do people still think iTunes is DRM? Music has been non-DRM for nearly 10 years now!
 So it's impossible for something to be both thin AND solid? I think the iPad Air, iPod touch, and MacBook Air would disagree with you.
I don't think that word means what you think it means.
I don't know, I think people that, you know, own Apple stock would have a pretty good reason to wonder about it.
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