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I use Apple Notes every day and have over 1500. It's cool they added the ability to sketch and add pictures, but I've never used them. I just write text. I love the instant iCloud syncing with my Mac. I've tried several other apps, but I keep coming back to Notes. But I do use Day One for more private notes since it is lockable, and it syncs over iCloud too.
Unfortunately, Android seems to attract the lowest common denominator of people.
Ridiculous and frivolous.
Anna Wintour is not a designer. She is the editor of Vogue magazine.
Congrats to Tim Cook. Well deserved for a great leader in many facets.
It's an "eyeMessage"
I really hate it staying up there blocking the signal strength. I don't usually need to right back to the previous app. It's distracting. It makes me want to close the app and reopen it directly just to get rid of the stupid thing.
So being punished for copying would be stifling to innovation. Right.
I'm guessing the watches are only on the dog for the time it takes to snap a silly photo.
New Posts  All Forums: