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Yikes. That is embarrassing.
Too bad the sound quality of the voice messages sucks. You'd think Apple would use a higher quality sound file since the message gets deleted in 2 minutes anyway. I'm still using Voxer until it improves.
I want an app that lets me easily edit the data that has already been input into the Health app. For some reason it mistakenly shows that I ran 21 miles in 3 hours while I was actually asleep! So far the only method I have seen that let me edit this is in the health app itself, but I would have to tediously delete hundreds of points of data to do this. I need an app that lets me select a range of data to delete.
They are so used to hacking our information, they now think it's their right. Unbelievable.
I think Reachability was probably designed with the 6 Plus in mind and they just gave it to the 6 too while they were at it. As a 6 Plus user, I find myself using it quite a bit. I can do most things one handed while using it.
They pulled the update. People who got it before they took it down said it was crashing on launch.
Besides optical image stabilization, there's also some pretty big differences in battery life. 24 hours of 3G talk time and 16 days of standby time on the iPhone 6 Plus versus 14 hours of 3G talk time and 10 days of standby time on the iPhone 6 is worth noting.
I'm curious to know the reasons why nearly a quarter of the senators voted against it.
FAA says cell phones could technically be safely used, but DOT says no one wants to be forced to listen to your neighbor talking for 5 hours. I approve. Thank you, DOT.
They know Apple will never agree to this. They just want to ban successful American products to make sanctions of their own. Soon it will be Cold War 2. No American products allowed.
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