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He'd be great. What a good idea.
My suggestion to Mr. Jackson is instead of complaining to companies about lack of diversity, he should tell young blacks that they should study as hard as they can if they want to be a tech executive. If there were a larger pool of qualified minorities to choose from, there would be more minority tech execs. That's not tech companies' fault.
Well, I guess it's time for a new car. But too bad you have to hardwire it to your phone instead of Bluetooth. I'm sure it's faster and more reliable hardwired, though. Just less convenient.
Wait, why Cyrillic characters??
I want one.
The fingerprint sensor is in the display, not the home button. Check Apple's patent filings.
Wow. Thanks, Scamsung.
What the f is wrong with China?! Corrupt nation, corrupt people.
Wow. Now you see, kids? This is why you should pay attention to grammar in school. No one believes an idiot.
And I still don't want it.
New Posts  All Forums: