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I thought none of the T-mobile plans are service with contract -- You can leave whenever you want (unless you are leasing a phone from them). That was my impression with the company a few months ago. Edit: Just checked. Definitely no contract.No annual service contracts
Does anyone know what's happening to Photostream? Is it still the same as before where Apple would store 1000 photos for free or for 30 days, then new photos overwrite old ones? I am so confused now with photos automatically show up everywhere on my devices. Do pictures from different devices show up in collections simultaneously across all devices? (And are these considered Photostream?)
Maybe they will acquire JIBO for personal robotics? :D 
Do you think the new 99c/month for 20GB iCloud plan would be enough for one to go with 16GB instead of 64GB for photo storage? The storage hog on mine is from iMessage... I can occasionally unload the photos to a computer, but iMessage is always there... taking up 8.3GB at the moment. 
  Link to the post in 2010 is dead. (even after removing the extra code at the end of the URL)
I'm genuinely interested as well. TBH, all I read is AI, and some non-Apple stuff here and there, but have the competitions improved in recent years, in terms of product and service integration? Do people know that when you buy an iDevice, you are buying more than just the device itself (e.g. social gaming, cloud services, hardware support, software support for years, and even high resell value)? Honestly, I was surprised at how much Android phones have improved, along...
From what I've seen so far, the cameras on both the iPod Touch 5G and the iPhone 5 are identical, except for the 5 MP vs. 8 MP. All the lenses and chips are identical, correct? (iPT might be a tad slower when processing HDR or panorama due to the older A5 chip). Is it safe to say that the picture quality (minus the different resolution due to the different MPs) would be the same for both devices (e.g., low light, flash, image stabilization, etc.), especially when the...
I think he meant to point out the error in comparing the iPod nano with the previous iPod touch in the article.
c is for the speed of light. it's that fast!   No really, I also think it's just an identification mark to see who has a leakage problem.
I know, right? Even included some random scuff marks / scratches on the 2nd and 3rd photos.
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