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The fountain is ugly but so is the blank wall.
Went to the Apple store yesterday and NOBODY was at the iPhone table. The phones were sitting there untouched.
That's too bad, I read the Daily every day & it's great on the iPad!
I agree that it's snappier. Also cleaner. Nice update.
My 2010 MBP is doing much better under Mountain Lion.  Very smooth, no significant problems. 
It's a stupid California lawsuit but interested in the merge Apple ID angle.  Maybe Apple will allow that at some point, I find having two Apple IDs a pain.
Reading the Jony Ive chapter in Steve's bio then saw this. Ive is one of those rare people who so totally has has act together.
I certainly excited about getting mine on Friday. It's reached Louisville, KY per UPS tracking. I'm replacing an iPad 2 and doing it for the new screen.
I use my MBP in clamshell mode with external monitor almost all of the time for heavy photo work. About the only time I take it from the house is for vacations. I use my iPad for going out into the world each day. I am not happy about losing my 750GB HDD and SD card slot to skinny up when I already have my iPad.
If the reviews are good, it'll be a decent upgrade from my 3GS. They're a lot of us 3GS people out there ready to use our subsidy.
New Posts  All Forums: