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I hope this is false. They could move to AMD but their processors are not in line with Intel performance wise. As long as AMD isn't able to catch up with Intel, it would be a bad move. Moving to ARM... maybe but I guess it would be a very unpopular move. The move from PowerPC to Intel was right once the PPC processors were lagging behind Intel ones but Intel are still on top in performance and are the best Apple can get in their computers.
  No. Dropping on toilet or something like that is considered misapplication. The Portuguese law states that anything that breaks through normal use (and should be working normally) must be fixed or replaced with no cost to the consumer. Just that.
I bet they will only increase the size (1/2 inch is not that much), keep the aspect ration and resolution.
  I recently read an article where they used an Apple Thunderbolt Display connected to a Ivy Bridge PC motherboard with a graphics card. They just connected the display to the Thunderbolt port on the motherboard and it was able to get image from the graphics card. Apple will certainly make the same thing. If you don't have a Thunderbolt display, you just connect your DVI display directly to the graphics card as people used to do.
    Sandy Bridge E Xeons just began to show in products on the last couple of months. It's still time for Apple to put them on the Mac Pro. Also, the Sandy Bridge E Xeon is this year's Xeon. You're not going to get anything better until next year.
    If you can, wait. I believe we'll see some hardware update on the mini too in the next few months.
    Even being joking, you're probably right :(
Yeah... Usually the desktop chips come out first. It wouldn't be a surprise if Apple pops the iMacs out first.
The Sandy Bridge Xeons just came out this year so, if we're going to see a Mac Pro this year, will be with those chips. The Ivy Bridge Xeons will only come out early next year at best.
I loved the way it can be open for user access to internal parts but I'm not seeing Apple doing something like this
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