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Also, in the meanwhile, if we see any iMac with a Xeon processor we can goodbye to the MacPro, which sucks :-\\
So be it!
I replace the chip if possible. Otherwise I'll have to replace the whole thing. Either way, that's a situation I'll think about when that time comes.
I believe we'll see these chips with two working cores on the next iPhone. The A5X with its 4 graphics core was needed for the iPad due to its huge screen resolution. For the iPhone, a die shrink of the A5 should be enough, assuming the screen resolution remains the same even if the screen size grows.
Everyone else does that on the Windows world. There's no "consumer tower" that can run OS X on a perfectly legal way. Just that justifies the existence/birth of such model.
If I'm not wrong, Thunderbolt bandwidth is the same as PCIe x4 and not x16 needed for a craphics card so, no, that's not a good option. What I'm looking for is a Mac where I can upgrade a good graphics card. I don't get all that hype about Thunderbolt. It may be good for storage and other type of peripherals but not for a powerful GPU.
As long as they let me replace the graphics card and add RAM, I'm ok with that.
What if they kill headless desktops altogether except the mini?
The 2012 NAB Show starts next week. It would be nice but I don't believe Apple is going to fulfill your wishes on this one. If an update/new Mac Pro is on the verge of being released, some kind of rumor would have popped up a couple of weeks ago.
Well... I think it's kind of obvious that they must be working or, at least, have a vision of what's going to come next on what computer OS is concerned. Also we are running out of "cats" so...
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