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I feel your pain... I'm also waiting to see what happens on that field to make my decision on a new desktop.
As a side note, if Apple really wants to push openCL, they better starting to put good GPUs in the Macs ;-P
I'm not so demanding but a decent Mac desktop is required.
Oh well... March is ending and nothing on the horizon...
From what we saw last year and if this sets a tendency, WWDC will stay as more software related event and they'll do separate events to announce new or redesigned products. However, in the end, we never know. They can push some new Macs to pair with Mountain Lion.
Remember that Apple had to put a quadcore GPU on the iPad in order to manage all those pixels. The Displayport should be enough. It was thought from the beginning to handle high resolutions. The GPU performance required is really what's getting me concerned about that move. You will have a crisp image but if you try to play a game, even not being very demanding on common resolutions, will require much more performance GPU wise. With this I still think you're only getting...
Beware with your wishes. HiDPI on a display the size of the iMac is very very GPU intensive. If they keep using laptop graphics cards on the iMac the computer becomes good only for office use and nothing more. Everything else needs much more GPU power.You'll have your HiDPI on laptops, on a 27" I'm not seeing it coming any time soon.
Based on hardware that's coming (Ivy Bridge processors), they'll update the iMac. I just don't know if it's coming within a month or if it's coming later. Also, some changes on the design may be coming. Current design it's been around since 2007 (I think) with small changes during that time span.
Is on the roadmap? How can you be so certain? I hope you're right.I'm not so sure... Apple attitude shows that they think their desktop line up is perfect which is not.Again, I didn't say anything about announcing products or market that the product will do this or that . I just said, given the fact that the last update was so long ago, that they should IMHO say something to the REAL pro users which I'm sure Apple knows who they are. When you say you're doing something you...
I think you may have missed my point. I think they should release some info not the details. With some info I mean, looking at current situation of many time without updates, if the product is on the roadmap or not. They don't need to say if it's just a typical update or if it's a redesigned product. Still, I understand your point of view and I hope you don't see me as someone with lack of reasonableness. There's a lot of people on the pro segment which work structure...
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